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2017-12-25 Home Front: Politix
The Death Rattle of Obama's Reputation
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Posted by Frank G 2017-12-25 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [601 views ]  Top
 File under: Govt of Iran Proxies 

#1 IMO there has been no other Potus who has besmirched the office to the extent that Obama has.
Posted by JohnQC 2017-12-25 10:20||   2017-12-25 10:20|| Front Page Top

#2 Quote me a single line from one of Obama's "Lincoln-esque" speeches. No? Then can we keep our Doctor and out Health Plan. Period?

Obama WILL be remembered for that one statement for certain.Sure he will.

What else?

Think people. He was the "Messiah", remember? The thrill up your leg man. And if you are Black and voted for him because he was too....well..what did he do for you? Make a list.

And what Else did Obama DO for the United States with 8 years of the Economy ? Lower your taxes and give you job? And how do you think Obama was greeted by a room full of Pentagon Colonels and just about ANY USMC platoon. Canned applause?

And let's not forget Michelle the Lunch Food Nazi . Yeah, Obama was a lot of fun. Eight long years of laughs. And excuses.Am I lyin' to 'ya?

I remember when Obama fired General McKrystal who was a real Marine.Refresh my memory about WHY Obama fired McKrystal. Because a Marine Corp General spoke the Truth?
Can't have that in an Obama PC world, can we?
Posted by Blackbeard Ghibelline6635 2017-12-25 12:34||   2017-12-25 12:34|| Front Page Top

#3 I believe General McKrystal was an Army officer.
Posted by Besoeker 2017-12-25 13:00||   2017-12-25 13:00|| Front Page Top

#4 Obama WILL be remembered for that one statement for certain.Sure he will.

Jobs, created or saved.

Shovel ready jobs.

You didn't build that.
Posted by Herb Smith2864 2017-12-25 13:21||   2017-12-25 13:21|| Front Page Top

#5 "You didn't build that"
~ Soetoro
Posted by Besoeker 2017-12-25 13:25||   2017-12-25 13:25|| Front Page Top

#6 Her comment that "the US can comfortably tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea" is absolute lunacy.

Hello Susan, have you talked to fat boy Kim lately?

Add that comment to the $1.4 Billion in CASH to Iran to help them fund their terror activities and quashing the DEA investigation of Iranian activities in South America.

And oh by the way, what happened to that red line they were so big on?

A completely gutless foreign policy.

I hope Trump runs the UN out of town. The UN has degenerated into the League of Nations and a supper club for pampered diplomats.
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2017-12-25 13:35||   2017-12-25 13:35|| Front Page Top

#7 UGH

The worst 8 years of my life.
You are just now peeling back and finding all the scum he left stained into out Government.

Need DS2 to wash it down.
Posted by newc 2017-12-25 13:51||   2017-12-25 13:51|| Front Page Top

#8 I believe General McKrystal was an Army officer.

Ooooooh, that scalpel is dangerously sharp, Besoeker! As well you know, the general was Army Special Forces Joint Command commander. But Blackbeard Ghibelline6635 is our old idiot, Hemingway.
Posted by trailing wife 2017-12-25 20:58||   2017-12-25 20:58|| Front Page Top

#9 Yikes! Hemingway is back again _ every 8 months or weeks.
Posted by newc 2017-12-25 21:57||   2017-12-25 21:57|| Front Page Top

#10 A little blast from the past: CBS: Obama's Plane 'Smells Terrible'
Posted by Anomalous Sources 2017-12-25 22:58||   2017-12-25 22:58|| Front Page Top

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