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2018-01-21 -Land of the Free
President Trump Has Declared War on the Deep State – Kevin Shipp
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Posted by Besoeker 2018-01-21 07:13|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6492 views ]  Top

#1 The Russians and Chinese today can not physically invade and occupy the US. However, the shadow government already has. Who really is the threat to the Constitution?
Posted by Procopius2k 2018-01-21 07:27||   2018-01-21 07:27|| Front Page Top

#2 Deep State is a one party beauracracy built by Obama and sec state Hillary Clinton to support only one part and to actively sabatoge any opposition that takes power.

It is an active socialist, communist organization.
Posted by Bill Cleretle2363 2018-01-21 10:04||   2018-01-21 10:04|| Front Page Top

#3 We, just like most if all not countries have always had a "Deep State" working for an agenda. The agendas change, the goals change but the "Deep State" is always there. During the upheavalls of 1848 IIRC someone asked Metternick about the b'crats labouring at their desks. "What will become of them?" He replied " Nothing, they will always be with us." Or words to that effect. The Deep State can reach all the way down to a clerk in city hall denying you a building permit for personal or political reasons. Or the head of a federal agency/dept obstructing the will of Congress or a President. As longb as there are individuals with political power that are answerable to no one we will always have abuses of power. And threats to the Constitution. And they will come from both the left and right of the political spectrum.
Posted by Cheaderhead 2018-01-21 10:20||   2018-01-21 10:20|| Front Page Top

#4 The "Deep State" goes back way before N'Obama & Hitlary and knows no party line.
Posted by DooDahMan 2018-01-21 11:14||   2018-01-21 11:14|| Front Page Top

#5 What DooDahMan said - state governments are largely made up of Democrats as well. I think of it this way - it's hack jobs for hack people. Which political party do 'hack people' vote for?
Posted by Raj 2018-01-21 11:38||   2018-01-21 11:38|| Front Page Top

#6  The "Deep State" goes back way before N'Obama & Hitlary and knows no party line.

I'd go back as far as LBJ in the 1960s, but that's a quibble.

Bill Clinton.. more likely.
Posted by Pappy 2018-01-21 12:30||   2018-01-21 12:30|| Front Page Top

#7 WRT bureaucrats

Pope John XXIII: "In reply to a reporter who asked, 'How many people work in the Vatican?', he reportedly said: 'About half of them.'"
Posted by james  2018-01-21 19:05||  2018-01-21 19:05|| Front Page Top

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