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2019-06-29 Home Front: Politix
Jimmy Carter Goes Off the Conspiracy Theory Deep End on Trump
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Posted by Besoeker 2019-06-29 00:45|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6478 views ]  Top

Posted by 3dc 2019-06-29 01:30||   2019-06-29 01:30|| Front Page Top

#2 The "Killer Rabbit"! I love it 3dc.
Posted by Harcourt Jones3555 2019-06-29 01:36||   2019-06-29 01:36|| Front Page Top

#3 Iranian Ayatollahs thank Jimmah for his service.
Posted by Flert Ebbeasing8240 2019-06-29 03:46||   2019-06-29 03:46|| Front Page Top

#4 An old man in his dotage.
Posted by Uleck Spererong9442 2019-06-29 06:14||   2019-06-29 06:14|| Front Page Top

#5 Hasn't Jimmuah made a career out of rubber stamping left wing stolen elections in Latin America?
Posted by M. Murcek 2019-06-29 07:00||   2019-06-29 07:00|| Front Page Top

#6 ...This from a man who spent most of his time in office kissing Soviet a$$ in the name of 'peace', and who didn't 'stand up' to them until he realized Ronald Reagan was going to clean his clock in the next election if he didn't.

Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2019-06-29 07:14||   2019-06-29 07:14|| Front Page Top

#7 He's 94, and been wrong most all his life so there's that
Posted by Frank G 2019-06-29 07:30||   2019-06-29 07:30|| Front Page Top

#8 In a way I'm fine with this bullshit because I can't wait until Trump's second term is over and keeps tweeting about and insulting all the Dem losers in office until he's 120 years old.
Posted by Raj 2019-06-29 08:57||   2019-06-29 08:57|| Front Page Top

#9 Trying to win back the worst president in history award, I see.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-06-29 09:24||   2019-06-29 09:24|| Front Page Top

#10 Just when you think Carter may have not been all that bad (in retrospect) given the current Dem cast of characters, he has to open his gob and comfort us once again that he only served one term as US president.
Posted by DooDahMan 2019-06-29 09:29||   2019-06-29 09:29|| Front Page Top

#11 "If fully investigated, it would show that Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf," Carter said.

Just when I was beginning to think Jimmy was better than this, he proves me wrong.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-06-29 11:15||   2019-06-29 11:15|| Front Page Top

#12 So when the 'full investigation' shows you're correct, Jimmy, what do you propose to do then? Install Queen Hillary? Armed insurrection? Move to Canada?
Posted by Bobby 2019-06-29 12:29||   2019-06-29 12:29|| Front Page Top

#13 He's been off the conspiracy theory deep end for a very long time about a lot of things.

Nothing to see here, he was an idiot when he was my boss and he's still an idiot.
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2019-06-29 13:02||   2019-06-29 13:02|| Front Page Top

#14 We're all so very fortunate that, after four years of malaise from 1977 to 1980, jimmuh failed to win reelection in 1980. If he had, the Soviet Union would still be in business.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2019-06-29 13:36||   2019-06-29 13:36|| Front Page Top

#15 President Carter did not just fail to win re-election — he was rejected by everyone, resulting in Ronald Reagan winning by a landslide: Reagan took the Electoral College 489 to 49. Carter won in six states and Washington, DC. It was my first election; up until then I assumed I would always vote liberal Democrat, but I was part of the everyone who decided it was better to take a risk on Ronald Reagan.

Looking back on that election is part of the reason I don’t worry about violent revolution in America. The common folk of the electorate easily replaced one of the worst presidents of modern history with a man lambasted by the Democrats and the media as a stupid, ignorant, radical rightwing, warmongering, Israel-loving tool of the Evangelicals — and within a few years he had reversed almost all of the policies his predecessor had put into place. And now President Trump is doing the same, mostly quietly behind the scenes while triggering his opponents into shrieking about his tweets instead of paying attention to what’s important.
Posted by trailing wife 2019-06-29 15:14||   2019-06-29 15:14|| Front Page Top

#16 I see how you mean now. Well, God is with him. I think when that's the case, we only jump the gun while He works with his chosen servants quietly and openly while the enemy blunders about missing the point.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-06-29 15:55||   2019-06-29 15:55|| Front Page Top

#17 The first, First President I had the dis-pleasure of voting against. When he became involved in low-cost Habitats for Humanity™ homes my feelings softened on him and then he went on his I Heart Left-Wing Dictator Tour™... *Spit!* Go Way, Jimmie, just shut up and go away.
Posted by magpie 2019-06-29 17:04||   2019-06-29 17:04|| Front Page Top

#18 Only Dem that I ever voted for. He was touting zero based budgeting and that appealed to me and the 'pubs were nothing to cheer about. But it didn't take long to recognize my mistake and vote for "Ronaldus Magnus" in '84. I've spent most of my life voting against people, not for.
Posted by AlanC 2019-06-29 18:30||   2019-06-29 18:30|| Front Page Top

#19  I've spent most of my life voting against people, not for.

I hear ya! The only pol I actually voted for was Trump in 2020.
Posted by SteveS 2019-06-29 19:23||   2019-06-29 19:23|| Front Page Top

#20 There've been a few "for" votes, Reagan, W Bush though I had to hold my nose.

Not Trump, that was definitely an anti Hillary vote. This next time will be for him.
Posted by AlanC 2019-06-29 19:47||   2019-06-29 19:47|| Front Page Top

#21 he's addled and will say anything (just like a politician) but he's esp. messed up given his track record. not to mention he's a white guy!
Posted by 746 2019-06-29 22:03||   2019-06-29 22:03|| Front Page Top

#22 Carter's total failure led to Soviet over-extension during the time. His ineptitude followed by Reagan probably cut the Cold war by a decade or two.
Posted by rjschwarz 2019-06-29 22:03||   2019-06-29 22:03|| Front Page Top

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