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2019-08-19 -Short Attention Span Theater-
Trump: US considering possibly buying Greenland, 'essentially it's a large real estate deal'
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Posted by Seeking Cure For Ignorance 2019-08-19 00:30|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [477 views ]  Top

#1 Troll Level +5. The EU would never allow one of its member puppet states to sell land to the Orange Man Bad™.
Posted by magpie 2019-08-19 00:46||   2019-08-19 00:46|| Front Page Top

#2 A brilliant idea. The Arctic is the next Great Game.
Oil, gas, rare earth minerals... Why let the Russians have all the spoils?
Posted by Lex 2019-08-19 00:58||   2019-08-19 00:58|| Front Page Top

#3 Opening bid is tree fiddy.
Posted by Waldemar Clunk5446 2019-08-19 01:02||   2019-08-19 01:02|| Front Page Top

#4 Troll Level +5.

Truly. He can't possibly be serious — Congress doesn’t even want to give him money to build the wall — but while people are clutching their pearls about this, they’re ignoring whatever it is that he’s quietly doing.

Not to mention that I think he really enjoys seeing them shriek in outrage over absurdities.
Posted by trailing wife 2019-08-19 01:07||   2019-08-19 01:07|| Front Page Top

#5 as noted in the article, President Truman wanted to buy Greenland. This was due to the issue of having military assets there and making it a part of the early warning system

we still have a military base at Thule (I doubt this base is still necessary but maybe I'm wrong)

buying the Island would be a problem in the short term as the Greenlanders mostly don't speak English and rely on Denmark for welfare, health care and so forth

in the long term, yes resources would be available but really the nature of the economy continues to change and the value of mineral deposits is offset by the many costs of mining, transportation, etc.

This would, I think, be a good deal for Denmark and a bad one for the USA
Posted by lord garth 2019-08-19 01:40||   2019-08-19 01:40|| Front Page Top

#6 Very Strategic place to nest and would be a win for all. Unless they prefer China to get it instead?

Posted by newc 2019-08-19 01:45||   2019-08-19 01:45|| Front Page Top

#7 Heck with China. It's the rampaging Canadians in their Winnebagos we gotta keep out.
Posted by Waldemar Clunk5446 2019-08-19 02:03||   2019-08-19 02:03|| Front Page Top

#8 losing almost $700 million a year carrying it,

Yikes, that comes out to $50K/year for a family of four. It's worse than Baltimore.
Posted by Waldemar Clunk5446 2019-08-19 02:22||   2019-08-19 02:22|| Front Page Top

#9 It is my understanding that unlike Denmark, Greenland opted out of the EU.

Also, English is spoken by most Green lander (albeit as a second language) as it's taught from the first grade on.
Posted by Seeking Cure For Ignorance 2019-08-19 03:02||   2019-08-19 03:02|| Front Page Top

#10 Developing Greenland's resources will make the US "greener". The rare earth resources there are usefull in electric cars.
Posted by Varmint Splat1454 2019-08-19 03:23||   2019-08-19 03:23|| Front Page Top

#11 Thus the 56,000 population will become very wealthy via mineral rights royalties.
Posted by Varmint Splat1454 2019-08-19 03:26||   2019-08-19 03:26|| Front Page Top

#12 In case you do possess it, would it be incorrect to declare it a 'net blankes' zone ?
Posted by Dron66046 2019-08-19 07:53||   2019-08-19 07:53|| Front Page Top

#13 By Trump making the first offers the EU will respond by wondering what Trump wants in Greenland. They will inevitably realize the massive hydro and geothermal potential of the place and possibly get their green neck out from under Putin's boot. Just to spite Trump.
Posted by ruprecht 2019-08-19 08:07||   2019-08-19 08:07|| Front Page Top

#14 ^You don't really grok EUropeans, do you?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-08-19 08:08||   2019-08-19 08:08|| Front Page Top

#15 What a catastrophe:

Alaska Purchase, (1867), acquisition by the United States from Russia of 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 square km) of land at the northwestern tip of the North American continent, comprising the current U.S. state of Alaska.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-08-19 08:11||   2019-08-19 08:11|| Front Page Top

#16 Good insurance in case the Global Warmists are right.
Posted by Glenmore 2019-08-19 08:38||   2019-08-19 08:38|| Front Page Top

#17 As I understand it he was in a meeting where someone mentioned that Denmark didn't have enough money to keep Greenland solvent. Some one said to Trump, "You should buy it". He was joking. Trump said, "Can we do that? Maybe I should". They were joking.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2019-08-19 10:00||   2019-08-19 10:00|| Front Page Top

#18 By the way, you should see Rachael Maddow's reaction. It is hilarious and by hilarious I mean funny 'cause I don't know what hilarious means.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2019-08-19 10:04||   2019-08-19 10:04|| Front Page Top

#19 Minerals?
Look at the freshwater ice pack.
Posted by Skidmark 2019-08-19 11:54||   2019-08-19 11:54|| Front Page Top

#20 From Norway;Dear Don. We hear that you are hoping to buy Greenland. All we Norwegians can say is: Get in line! The thing is that Greenland is not really Denmark’s to sell. You see, we discovered it (by ‘we’ I mean an axe murdering maniac named Erik). Back in 1814 the Swedes (I know, harder back then) beat Denmark to give up Norway. But they forgot to get the trimmings, that is the Norwegian ‘empire’ (greatest empire ever!) that we had when entering union with Denmark (worst deal ever!). Norway tried to sue for Greenland in the Hague and lost (so sad!). So, we have dibs, should the Danes break with the past 100 years of international norms, rules, laws and put it on the market. I am pretty sure we can match your offer and throw in some lutefisk (put some hair on Danish chests!) Sadly, the land now seems to belong to those who live there, you know, the Wilsonian thing - self-determination and all that (damned liberals!). But if we are going to go foreign policy Viking-style, Norway is first in line (MNGA!)
Posted by Dale 2019-08-19 12:41||   2019-08-19 12:41|| Front Page Top

#21 g(r)omgoru, I was married to a German for a decade. Granted they've gone off the rails since hten but doing things out of spite is not beyond them. Also generating power in someone else backyard so they can pretend to be green is a basic liberal attitude be it Germany shutting down nuke plants and depending upon Russian gas or California shutting down dams and all energy generation and depending upon Texas they think the same.
Posted by ruprecht 2019-08-19 13:01||   2019-08-19 13:01|| Front Page Top

#22 buying the Island would be a problem in the short term as the Greenlanders mostly don't speak English and rely on Denmark for welfare, health care and so forth

No change in management. Of course.
Posted by gorb 2019-08-19 14:19||   2019-08-19 14:19|| Front Page Top

#23 MNGA!

Too funny, Dale. :-)
Posted by trailing wife 2019-08-19 16:26||   2019-08-19 16:26|| Front Page Top

#24 Good one Dale, you almost made me drop my lefse!

Minnesota might not have fjords by at least we laugh.
Posted by Woodrow 2019-08-19 19:40||   2019-08-19 19:40|| Front Page Top

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