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2021-01-24 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
America's Frontline Doctors: Expose Experimental COVID Vaccine Dangers (video)
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Posted by Besoeker 2021-01-24 05:56|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6475 views ]  Top

#1 FBI Arrests CDC Critic Dr. Simone Gold For Attending Capitol Protest – FBI Singled Her Out
Posted by Besoeker 2021-01-24 06:02||   2021-01-24 06:02|| Front Page Top

#2 I'd like to see that affidavit. Incredible.
Posted by Clem 2021-01-24 08:02||   2021-01-24 08:02|| Front Page Top

#3 An awful lot of frontline medical people, first in line to get the vaccine, are reportedly refusing the opportunity. The head nurse of my 94 year old mother’s retirement home told me the other day that they had many refusers among the non-medical staff as well, many of both groups worried, she said, that they would be chipped.

My mother, on the other hand, wants to sit with all her friends at one table in the dining room during meals, and to be able to hang out with us without having to quarantine in her room for two weeks afterward. Getting vaccinated on Thursday is the shortcut to get her there, a shortcut she considers worthwhile.

As background to that decision, Mama is an occupational therapist, considered one of the “health-related professions”. She started her career working alongside nurses and doctors in hospitals (and three semesters of medical school abroad to deepen her knowledge of human anatomy beyond that then offered in OTR programs) before moving to developing training programs for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults in a school and sheltered workshop. The series of research projects she did around and for that work formed the backbone of dozens of published papers and two PhDs, and are now standard practice. The third stage of her career, home healthcare visits, resulted in more published research and an international lecture series. Mama’s childhood hero was Marie Curie, and she succeeded in emulating the research portion of it, if not the chemistry side.

While Phase 1 testing involved small numbers of animals and/or test tubes to see if the idea works, by Phase 4 they are testing tens of thousands of people. By now something like 25 million people have been vaccinated worldwide, with all the vaccines in development — and a good portion of those are the Pfizer version currently available in the US. As of Wednesday, 16.5 million shots have been given, according to USA Today’s numbers.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-01-24 20:25||   2021-01-24 20:25|| Front Page Top

#4 Trump had a plan he wanted to implement that would see 100 Million shots in the first 100 days. So far Biteme's admin hasn't figured out how to count that high.
Posted by Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589 2021-01-24 20:43||   2021-01-24 20:43|| Front Page Top

#5 Apologies.

As of Wednesday, 16.5 million shots have been given in the US, according to USA Today’s numbers.


So while we don’t know long term impacts yet, or second generation impacts, we know about as much as is normally known about a vaccine at the time it is approved. Yes, we’re part of the experiment, but opting out is an option for those who don’t believe their personal situation is low enough risk that it changes the calculation. My mother is 95, trailing and final daughters and I are in poor health — for us catching the disease is a high enough risk that we prefer to brave the risk that is the vaccine. Mr. Wife’s biggest concern is that he might be relatively untroubled by the disease that he passes on to us, so he is content with the idea that he might not be offered the possibility until sometime this summer.

And that is the calculation: not whether it is perfectly safe — nothing is perfectly safe, including not being vaccinated — but whether the individual and group benefit is greater than the individual and group risk. At this point we have some information, and based on that make a calculation. We’ll soon have more information, enough that some will recalculate their preferences — and that’s fine, too.

Big Pharma need not spend any money on advertising because the deal President Trump made with them was that their research costs are covered and the government will purchase X number of doses of their vaccine if it earns FDA approval. So the government has already completely absorbed the entire risk that usually belongs to the manufacturer. As a society that was a worthwhile investment, even if it only proved that vaccines can be developed significantly more quickly, so that when the CCP sends out something really bad, we’ll be better prepared to defend ourselves against it. But we got a bunch of what looks like good vaccines, an even larger bunch of treatments that will be useful for a broad swathe of diseases well beyond COVID-19, and even a bunch of techniques to create emergency ventilators, everyday face masks, and hand disinfectant out of odds and ends that we would normally ignore or throw away.

So the CCP’s enemies are suddenly much more hardened against viral attacks, limiting their options for conquering the world. Annoying as the hysteria and vicious Karen posturing has been, from a Darwinian perspective it seems to me we have been out-competing them, no matter what China’s rulers intended.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-01-24 21:18||   2021-01-24 21:18|| Front Page Top

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