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2021-01-28 Fifth Column
FAA messing with SpaceX StarShip Launch all day today while it's on the Pad and fueled.
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Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 16:14|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6620 views ]  Top
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#1 FAA just pulled again. Back and forth all day...
Bezos mentioned on livestream as possible bad player.
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 16:28||   2021-01-28 16:28|| Front Page Top

#2 Of course.
Posted by swksvolFF 2021-01-28 16:40||   2021-01-28 16:40|| Front Page Top

#3 23,000 people across the world watched this BS live.
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 16:44||   2021-01-28 16:44|| Front Page Top

#4 FAA now saying outstanding safety violations that need to be satisfied before they can attempt test flights at all.

Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 17:17||   2021-01-28 17:17|| Front Page Top

Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 17:40||   2021-01-28 17:40|| Front Page Top

#6 The Boca Chica Clown Show and Fireworks Emporium...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-01-28 17:48||   2021-01-28 17:48|| Front Page Top

#7 Spitting and sputtering koffee at #5.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-01-28 17:57||   2021-01-28 17:57|| Front Page Top

#8 As far as I know, the differences are:

o more pressure for the tanks used during landing
o new administration in DC

Posted by Rob Crawford 2021-01-28 19:10||   2021-01-28 19:10|| Front Page Top

#9 it is BIDEN
Posted by Thorong Grundy1520 2021-01-28 19:43||   2021-01-28 19:43|| Front Page Top

#10 Update from Elon:

Unlike its aircraft division, which is fine, the FAA space division has a fundamentally broken regulatory structure.

Their rules are meant for a handful of expendable launches per year from a few government facilities. Under those rules, humanity will never get to Mars.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 21:15||   2021-01-28 21:15|| Front Page Top

#11  Statement from the FAA just now re the SpaceX SN9 flight: “We will continue working with SpaceX to resolve outstanding safety issues before we approve the next test flight.”
— Christian Davenport (@wapodavenport) January 28, 2021
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 21:17||   2021-01-28 21:17|| Front Page Top

#12 Yeah, that FAA statement came out around 4pm.

And if Elon wants to see fundamentally broken, he should look at the unmanned aerial service (drones) section of the FAA. What Amazon wants, they get. Hobbyists and those finding other ways to use drones commercially? They may as well not exist.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2021-01-28 22:19||   2021-01-28 22:19|| Front Page Top

#13 Musk, just buy an island near the equator and tell the US Govt to go piss up a rope.
Posted by Deadeye Jaiting7534 2021-01-28 22:29||   2021-01-28 22:29|| Front Page Top

Posted by Andy Noodleman1166 2021-01-28 22:41||   2021-01-28 22:41|| Front Page Top

#15 Christian Davenport
The good news is that we now have the Space Force to protect against Jewish Space Lasers, or all space lasers for that matter.
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 23:03||   2021-01-28 23:03|| Front Page Top


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The complaint says DOJ "enforces the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”), which prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of citizenship and national origin." But under ITAR SpaceX CAN'T hire foreigners, right? What am I missing?
Posted by 3dc 2021-01-28 23:05||   2021-01-28 23:05|| Front Page Top

Posted by Hupith Cranter3378 2021-01-28 23:21||   2021-01-28 23:21|| Front Page Top

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