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2021-09-15 Government Corruption
Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new Bob Woodward book says
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Posted by Greager Angeash7687 2021-09-15 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [645 views ]  Top
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#1 Gen. Mark Milley took secret action to secure nukes from 'unstable' Trump after he lost the election and called China's top military leader to reassure the country Trump would not attack in desperate bid to stay in office, new Bob Woodward book reveals
Posted by Skidmark 2021-09-14 15:24||   2021-09-14 15:24|| Front Page Top

#2 "General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise."

Why isn't this person facing charges of Treason?
Posted by CrazyFool 2021-09-14 15:51||   2021-09-14 15:51|| Front Page Top

#3 "Perhaps you'd prefer to avoid the red tape":

Posted by badanov 2021-09-15 00:04||   2021-09-15 00:04|| Front Page Top

#4 It sounds like Milley & Pelosi (& others) were in agreement that Trump was not mentally competent to exercise the responsibilities of the office so instead of following the Constitutionally provided path to address it they did so unilaterally. (I guess since Biden was already mentally incompetent when elected there is no concern that his abilities have declined?)
Posted by Glenmore 2021-09-15 01:24||   2021-09-15 01:24|| Front Page Top

#5 Appears the so-called January 6th insurrection came a bit sooner than January 6th. So does Milley have the 'Football' now, or did he hand it off to a senile old pedophile ?

More coming on this one I am sure.

Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 01:26||   2021-09-15 01:26|| Front Page Top

#6 It doesn't matter, nothing will be done about this and the left will get away with actual treason. If this POS had any honor, he'd decorate the ceiling. Since he doesn't, nothing will happen and it will just accelerate the rot in the military.
Posted by Silentbrick 2021-09-15 01:52||   2021-09-15 01:52|| Front Page Top

#7 In Feb of this year the Dems "asked" Biden to give up sole authority to launch nukes. That would make 2 consecutive admins where POTUS has been removed from chain of command. So, who has the football?
Posted by Rex Mundi 2021-09-15 02:20||   2021-09-15 02:20|| Front Page Top

#8 That it was done, doesn't surprise me - probably not the first time too. That it was made public, does.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-09-15 02:38||   2021-09-15 02:38|| Front Page Top

#9 I suggest he wouldnt fall on his sword so he's being pushed on it.
Posted by BrerRabbit 2021-09-15 03:23||   2021-09-15 03:23|| Front Page Top

#10 Woodward?
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-09-15 06:27||   2021-09-15 06:27|| Front Page Top

#11 So Milley knows Trump for 4 years and knows Trump is first President in 40 years to not started a war but some how is so concerned he called China…. Milley spends 20 years at war with Taliban but has no clue what will happen if he bugs out of Afghanistan and walks away from Bagram Air base.
Posted by Airandee 2021-09-15 06:45||   2021-09-15 06:45|| Front Page Top

#12 I suspect the Brits made the WTF call. They monitor the Chinese quite aggressively and have no use for either Biden or the Chinese. My concern at the moment is what calamitous event or crisis will be used to usher the Milley affair into the memory hole.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 07:07||   2021-09-15 07:07|| Front Page Top

#13 Serious question: Who TF is running our government now?
Posted by Gerthudion Henbane1740 2021-09-15 07:09||   2021-09-15 07:09|| Front Page Top

#14 The 'who is running the gov't ques?' Perhaps this 1981 incident could provide a historical clue:

Al Haig and the Reagan Assassination Attempt — “I’m in control here”

When President Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981, chaos ensued behind the scenes at the White House. With no real protocol in place for such a situation, everyone involved had to improvise and hope that everything would turn out right. In an attempt to keep everyone calm, Al Haig, Reagan’s Secretary of State, committed a PR faux pas — and showed a glaring lapse in basic knowledge of the Constitution — by telling the press that he was in control while the President was in surgery. Unaware of just how serious the President’s condition really was, key officials began to do their best damage control and keep not only the reporters calm but the country and the world at large.

Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 07:17||   2021-09-15 07:17|| Front Page Top

#15 Blinken makes a poor Haig. Not him.
Kackle-a Harris is a flake and a foolish skank - not her.

Biden's NSC staff are inept. Maybe there's a gray cardinal among his aides but they're just hacks and Biden family hangers-on from way back.

That leaves the Democratic Party machers.

Occam's razor points to the Kalorama Compound
Posted by Enver Juck9259 2021-09-15 07:23||   2021-09-15 07:23|| Front Page Top

#16 When the military began lying re troop deployments in Syria, they effectively deposed Trump as CIC.

The coup started years before the election.
Posted by Elmerert Hupens2660 2021-09-15 07:27||   2021-09-15 07:27|| Front Page Top

#17 My point at 14 (which I failed to articulate) was the obvious deviation from the established constitutional process.

Yes, until something more plausible surfaces, Milley in league with the Dems appears to be the default.

Excellent point at #16.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 07:31||   2021-09-15 07:31|| Front Page Top

#18 Asfor the WH's and their associates' motivation revealing this:

Are they planning to turn Milley into a Lin Biao figure, ultimately to take the complete blame for the AFG fiasco?

Or are they just forced to admit what can't be denied because they anticipate the Brits leaking this to the public?
Posted by Elmerert Hupens2660 2021-09-15 07:56||   2021-09-15 07:56|| Front Page Top

#19 Thinking a bit out of the box here.

Let us suppose that the Chinese goal of a Trump defeat was successful. The Chinese then move on to goal number two, the outing (betrayal) of a known US collaborator (Milley) and the division or destruction of the US military leadership ?

Burning or disposing of old sources for political gain, not exactly a new concept. Perhaps the latest Milley communique with the Chinese, was not his first.

Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 07:57||   2021-09-15 07:57|| Front Page Top

#20 Fox, published 8 hours ago - Tucker Carlson: Mark Milley committed treason, and others were implicated
Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 08:04||   2021-09-15 08:04|| Front Page Top

#21 At the point where you have Vindman mouthing the right's talking points, you have a sorta schizophrenic deep state...
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 08:18||   2021-09-15 08:18|| Front Page Top

#22 My concern at the moment is what calamitous event or crisis will be used to usher the Milley affair into the memory hole.

Something Important Happening at 5:00 PM Today: Report
Posted by Skidmark 2021-09-15 08:48||   2021-09-15 08:48|| Front Page Top


Does any one really expect to see him drawn and quartered?

Posted by NN2N1 2021-09-15 09:28||   2021-09-15 09:28|| Front Page Top

#24 Milley resignation to avoid Congressional testimony ?
Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 09:45||   2021-09-15 09:45|| Front Page Top

#25 He's an easy man to dislike insofar as what is publicly known of him. But I am skeptical, there are an awful lot of 'in the room quotes' and very specific as well. Personal experience leaves no doubt that sewer of a town is infested with faithless backstabbers and equally thoroughly modern Milly isn't to be respected, but there sure is a lot of precise dialogue.
Posted by Cesare 2021-09-15 10:23||   2021-09-15 10:23|| Front Page Top

#26 #12. This gives a slight peek into the separate worlds involved in the present defense vs. Intel community struggle. The Afghanistan debacle is going to require scapegoats and the CIA (through its toady Woodward) have made its move. We shall see if the Pentagon suffers this stab in the back without a response. Tangentially, there must be a great deal of truth in the Woodward report or if Milley had been innocent of charges he would have been in front of a Pentagon before the day ended.
Posted by Bertie Crains2651 2021-09-15 10:34||   2021-09-15 10:34|| Front Page Top

#27 /\ Excellent assessment. Yes, historical rivals. I predict the Klingons will likely prevail.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-09-15 10:41||   2021-09-15 10:41|| Front Page Top

#28 Yes. While the Wokegon is playing with itself, Langley is several steps ahead. Milley must be wondering how much stupid stuff he said into a phone is being primed for distribution far and wide.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 10:45||   2021-09-15 10:45|| Front Page Top

#29 But let's not fall into the trap the lefties have landed in, rooting for what they used to despise.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 10:46||   2021-09-15 10:46|| Front Page Top

#30 how much stupid stuff he said into a phone is being primed for distribution far and wide.

Milley knowingly told the Chicoms this 'stupid stuff,' provided the reports are true.

Even if he had reason to assume there was no one listening in he knowingly(!) gave kompromat on himself to the CCP.

Why would any remotely rational actor do such a thing?
Posted by Elmerert Hupens2660 2021-09-15 11:10||   2021-09-15 11:10|| Front Page Top

#31 ^ He figured there will never be another president that's not dem or GOPe?
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 11:15||   2021-09-15 11:15|| Front Page Top

#32 Even if he had reason to assume there was no one listening in

Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 11:16||   2021-09-15 11:16|| Front Page Top

#33 ^ This is why all the real moves are being made by people who are off the radar, never make phone calls, etc.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-09-15 11:18||   2021-09-15 11:18|| Front Page Top

#34 Pardon us, World. We are experiencing a bit of difficulty.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-09-15 11:26||   2021-09-15 11:26|| Front Page Top

#35 "General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise."

Why would he even say such a thing unless serious people really were or are considering an attack? And, as far as I'm concerned, China attacked us with Covid-19. But then, treasonous Fauci was in on it and we must wonder who else was in on it. And then we have Skidmark's link at #22 which is concerning. I'm afraid I never did build that fallout shelter.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-09-15 12:18||   2021-09-15 12:18|| Front Page Top

#36 Helluva thing to start a shooting war with China just to divert attention from the collusion with China to swing the 2020 election.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-09-15 12:21||   2021-09-15 12:21|| Front Page Top

#37 #33. Correctamundo. Recall that following Rogers crucial visit with Trump the NSA worked to ensure that such a move could not occur again. The NSA has burrowed deeper into the Deep State and is working practically without any supervision. (E.g. NSA operation in Utah.) It supports the Intel cabal because the NSA knows that if there is a budget reduction it is bound to suffer most. It will continue to provide Milley telephone calls as long as they are useful.
Posted by Bertie Crains2651 2021-09-15 12:43||   2021-09-15 12:43|| Front Page Top

#38 OSINT reporting that the 5pm event is some sort of USA/Aussie/UK and somebody else:
Posted by NoMoreBS 2021-09-15 13:16||   2021-09-15 13:16|| Front Page Top

#39 Sure looks like a totally wrong call on my part since it would appear the general has responded without a hint of denial, or as they say in the old country, a defacto admission. I just have so little faith in Woodward I don't think he could uphold the broken clock standard.
Posted by Cesare 2021-09-15 13:22||   2021-09-15 13:22|| Front Page Top

#40 Perhaps the rumors, er reports, of the FVEY intercepted calls are meant to flush out the Pentagon GO's that overheard or participated in Milley's conspiracy.

Co-conspirators that don't make a deal will get the same treatment as the originator of the treason. All the co-conspirators have to do is look out their e-corridor office window toward the old gallows site at Fort McNair across the river to remind themselves of such.
Posted by Tennessee 2021-09-15 13:24||   2021-09-15 13:24|| Front Page Top

#41 Milley says he did do this but he assured us that there is nothing to see here as its common practice for top generals to talk with their counterparts in other countries.

Gen. MacArthur was fired by POTUS Truman for this kind backdoor dealing: From wiki:

In March 1951 secret United States intercepts of diplomatic dispatches disclosed clandestine conversations in which General MacArthur expressed confidence to the Tokyo embassies of Spain and Portugal that he would succeed in expanding the Korean War into a full-scale conflict with the Chinese Communists. When the intercepts came to the attention of President Truman, he was enraged to learn that MacArthur was not only trying to increase public support for his position on conducting the war, but had secretly informed foreign governments that he planned to initiate actions that were counter to United States policy. The President was unable to act immediately since he could not afford to reveal the existence of the intercepts and because of MacArthur's popularity with the public and political support in Congress. However, following the release on 5 April by Representative Martin of MacArthur's letter, Truman concluded he could relieve MacArthur of his commands without incurring unacceptable political damage.

Ridgway took over the duties of conducting the Korean War, often referred to as the "Forgotten War."

I doubt that Milley will be fired over this and other screw ups but he should. Things seem to be in a free-fall in D.C. with the remnants of the Obama administration still influencing things.
Posted by JohnQC 2021-09-15 14:40||   2021-09-15 14:40|| Front Page Top

#42 Until China's General Milley is removed Taiwan needs to be on red alert. Under their mole Milley the Chinese know US will do nothing counter effectively to an invasion of Taiwan.
Posted by Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589 2021-09-15 14:55||   2021-09-15 14:55|| Front Page Top

#43 Burning or disposing of old sources for political gain, not exactly a new concept. Perhaps the latest Milley communique with the Chinese, was not his first.

Yup. It's not the phone call in particular that bugs me, it's the last twenty months of stony silence...
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-09-15 14:57||   2021-09-15 14:57|| Front Page Top

#44 Speaker Pelosi is up to her eyeballs in the Milley phone call conspiracy
Posted by badanov 2021-09-15 16:25||   2021-09-15 16:25|| Front Page Top

#45 Hmmm if I were the Chinese general in charge and the highest US general called me and said that his President is kinda unstable but the military would make sure the President won't be able to attack...


But then again, I bet Woodward inflated the whole story in order to make it match his own ego.
Posted by European Conservative 2021-09-15 17:25||   2021-09-15 17:25|| Front Page Top


Kommies are in a constant state of alarm.
Posted by badanov 2021-09-15 17:34||   2021-09-15 17:34|| Front Page Top

#47 I guess with Biden they won't have to.
Posted by European Conservative 2021-09-15 17:37||   2021-09-15 17:37|| Front Page Top

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