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2022-05-03 Home Front: Politix
Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, 'leaked draft opinion' shows
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Posted by Besoeker 2022-05-03 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336112 views ]  Top

#1 Biden's pick of Judge Ketanji Brown to sit on the Supreme court was the administration's first betrayal of the process. The leaked draft decision was the second betrayal.

Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer has nothing to lose. My guess however, is Sotomayor or Kagan. I'd be shocked to learn it was a clerk.

Chief Justice Roberts is likely attempting to find the memory hole exit.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-05-03 00:10||   2022-05-03 00:10|| Front Page Top

#2 Let's abort all of our babies and illegally import millions of foreigners instead.". The Deranged Leftists
Posted by Bugs McGurque4586 2022-05-03 01:16||   2022-05-03 01:16|| Front Page Top

#3 Wrong headline. Overturning Roe v. Wade, not "abortion rights". All this does is send it back to the states and the legislative branch (Congress), which is where it should have been settled long ago, instead of arrogating it to the federal bench.

Its called representative government. And places like NY and California will not see any restric5ttions other than the ones they vote in, same with Texas and Mississippi. A US is a republic that uses a Representative Democracy.

If you don't like it, elect representatives and change it.

Roe v. Wade is completely taken apart in that so-called draft. Its as wrong and defective a judgement as Plessy v. Ferguson, Dredd Scott, Or Pace v. Anderson. Or if you want a gay rights reference of a wrong decision reversed later, of the same vintage, try Baker v. Nelson.

Defective decisions can and should be reversed.
Posted by Chealing Chomotle4158 2022-05-03 01:27||   2022-05-03 01:27|| Front Page Top

#4 This "leak" is an attempt to pressure the court before the formal decision and opinion are fully decided. It's a blatantly political and despicable move by the left.

If a clerk leaked it, their law license should be forfeited, as well as their job, and any and all criminal and civil penalties must be pursued. If, God forbid, a justice leaked it, they must be impeached.
Posted by Chealing Chomotle4158 2022-05-03 01:30||   2022-05-03 01:30|| Front Page Top

#5 There is a report that a clerk for Sotomayor leaked it.
Posted by CrazyFool 2022-05-03 01:46||   2022-05-03 01:46|| Front Page Top

#6 Ref #3: I believe the court may have decided that the US Constitution contains no "right" to an abortion.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-05-03 06:07||   2022-05-03 06:07|| Front Page Top

#7 Mail - SCOTUS is set to OVERTURN Roe v. Wade according to leaked draft majority opinion that calls the landmark 1973 decision legalizing abortion nationwide 'egregiously wrong from the start'

Demonstrators take to the streets in D.C. as planned.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-05-03 06:17||   2022-05-03 06:17|| Front Page Top

#8 #3 - spot on. Back to the States. Moloch is pissed.
Posted by Frank G 2022-05-03 06:40||   2022-05-03 06:40|| Front Page Top

#9 @#7, last night when the news broke and almost immediately protesters showed up at SCOTUS I commented that this was all set up in advance by the Left.

A clerk did this, with or without the tacit approval of a justice. When identified, he, she, or it should be disbarred. Sadly, the Democratzis will likely provide some level of protection.
Posted by Too Old To Work 2022-05-03 07:27||   2022-05-03 07:27|| Front Page Top

#10 Flip the coin. If a "leak" said SCROTUS was going to invalidate the First and Second amendments, the right would cluck a bit and do nothing. A few hapless "protesters" would get the Jan 6 treatment.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-05-03 07:37||   2022-05-03 07:37|| Front Page Top

#11 Haven't we had enough DC leaks to know to wait.
Posted by Procopius2k 2022-05-03 07:49||   2022-05-03 07:49|| Front Page Top

#12 #3 Very well said and referenced, many thanks.
Posted by Cesare 2022-05-03 08:07||   2022-05-03 08:07|| Front Page Top

#13 I think this "leak" was a hail Mary for the demoncrats in November. They were going to get pummeled, but this will pull a few rotting carcasses across the finish line by riling the base.
Posted by DarthVader 2022-05-03 08:12||   2022-05-03 08:12|| Front Page Top

#14 If a justice leaked it (not a clerk) they should be impeached
Posted by Slenter Panda4300 2022-05-03 08:53||   2022-05-03 08:53|| Front Page Top

#15 Now wait a moment. A "Woman's Right"? I thought they just confirmed a SCOTUS judge who couldn't define what a woman is.
Posted by Procopius2k 2022-05-03 09:22||   2022-05-03 09:22|| Front Page Top

#16 If it goes back to the states, how many states will 100% repeal abortion?

How many blue citizens will leave red states because of this?
Posted by ruprecht 2022-05-03 09:31||   2022-05-03 09:31|| Front Page Top

#17 Going to be interesting in my state. It's blue but also heavily Hispanic/Roman Catholic. The socialists have been OK with punting the issue with the prior SCOTUS status. Now they'll have to commit. Not going to help them in November.
Posted by Procopius2k 2022-05-03 09:47||   2022-05-03 09:47|| Front Page Top

#18 #15 they are no longer called “birthing person” either
Posted by Beavis 2022-05-03 10:39||   2022-05-03 10:39|| Front Page Top

#19 There are a lot of liberal/progressive Catholics…
Posted by trailing wife 2022-05-03 10:56||   2022-05-03 10:56|| Front Page Top

#20 I had a Catholic friend tell me the other day that he was praying that his long..... "departed parents were praying for his shoulder surgery."

I made no comment, backed off a step or two, and attempted to steer the conversation toward his post-op therapy and the weather in Georgia.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-05-03 11:02||   2022-05-03 11:02|| Front Page Top

#21 I remember when President Bush was going to overturn Roe vs Wade. Then it was President Trump. Funny how it may happen when a Democrat is president.
Posted by Deacon Blues 2022-05-03 11:29||   2022-05-03 11:29|| Front Page Top

#22 #18 Noticed that. It's all political expediency for the Left.
Posted by Rex Mundi 2022-05-03 11:30||   2022-05-03 11:30|| Front Page Top

#23 Life is in the blood. When the pumping starts it is a live human not a lump. We are going to become, at least, two countries (soon i hope).
Posted by irish rage boy  2022-05-03 11:31||   2022-05-03 11:31|| Front Page Top

#24 ^-- not until I move out of WA. If overturned I expect Washington state to allow abortions up to +6 months after birth (if not +6 years).
Posted by CrazyFool 2022-05-03 11:38||   2022-05-03 11:38|| Front Page Top

#25 Regardless of the merits of Alito's draft opinion, the leak is an absolute catastrophe for the operation of the federal judicial system. I suspect that a whole bunch of federal judges this morning are conversing with their clerks about the judges' confidentiality expectations. What's next? Clerks writing letters to the editor explaining how the judge they're clerking for went wrong on a given case?
Posted by Matt 2022-05-03 11:43||   2022-05-03 11:43|| Front Page Top

#26 The leak gives SCROTUS an easy out. They can decide that the leak makes deciding impossible.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-05-03 11:50||   2022-05-03 11:50|| Front Page Top

Posted by Skidmark 2022-05-03 11:55||   2022-05-03 11:55|| Front Page Top

#28 Some have speculated that the leak was timed with the '200 mules' movie release. Haven't seen it and don't know the movie would be that critical to the Left that they would have to leak a SCOTUS decision...
Posted by CrazyFool 2022-05-03 12:15||   2022-05-03 12:15|| Front Page Top

#29 "Let the RIOTS mostly peaceful protests and INTIMIDATION Censored discussion Commence!
Posted by CrazyFool 2022-05-03 12:18||   2022-05-03 12:18|| Front Page Top

#30 What have the LSD's learned after 45 years?
Obviously nothing....!

Abortion statistically kills more LSD's voters than conservatives.Yet they continue to fight to have on demand. Which has taken OVER 3.2 millon African-American babies alone.

Abortion has killed 100,000+++times more blacks than the KKK/Democrats has and the Democrats did, it the help of Black Reverends and legally according law.

Anyone looking up the demographics of abortion will quickly see the data shows this.

Posted by NN2N1 2022-05-03 12:29||   2022-05-03 12:29|| Front Page Top

#31 ...Margaret Sanger founder what is now call Planned Parenthood was a real racist and xenophobe.
Posted by Procopius2k 2022-05-03 12:38||   2022-05-03 12:38|| Front Page Top

#32 Speculation that someone at the Government Printing Office leaked the draft opinion from February. An archivist is also possible.
Posted by trailing wife 2022-05-03 13:34||   2022-05-03 13:34|| Front Page Top

#33 Who is Amit Jain for $500.
Posted by Vespasian Ebboting9735 2022-05-03 13:42||   2022-05-03 13:42|| Front Page Top

#34 Secondaries are going to be epic.

"My Body My Choice!"

Well, that's fucking interesting, man."

-puts jalapeno poppers and hot wings on the smoker, lights some sparklers for the kids-
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-05-03 14:01||   2022-05-03 14:01|| Front Page Top

#35 Was this the first release by Biden's Disinformation Bureau?
Posted by Bugs McGurque4586 2022-05-03 14:38||   2022-05-03 14:38|| Front Page Top

#36 Remember the Unborn!
Posted by Chesney Bucket9949 2022-05-03 14:52||   2022-05-03 14:52|| Front Page Top

#37 Abortionists must be absolutely stoked that the greatest orator and politician in human history Joseph Biden is the front man.
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-05-03 14:59||   2022-05-03 14:59|| Front Page Top

#38 ^ We've gotta protect ..uh..the thing.
Posted by Frank G 2022-05-03 15:10||   2022-05-03 15:10|| Front Page Top

#39 The bee has the leaker

Source Of SCOTUS Leak Found To Be Swedish Supreme Court Janitor Hildur Clintonheim
Posted by Beavis 2022-05-03 15:44||   2022-05-03 15:44|| Front Page Top

#40 Elenskyy looking at today's USA headlines:

"Oh, shit."
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-05-03 16:54||   2022-05-03 16:54|| Front Page Top

#41 Regardless of who leaked the draft, the left is having a hair-on-fire response. Pocahontas is apoplectic. Year's ago, this should have been decided in the states; not by SCOTUS. If abortion is a state's rights issue, Shouldn't gay marriage also have been a state's rights issue? Will the DOJ and the FBI infiltrate and investigate the growing crowd of potential pro-abortion insurrectionists at SCROTUS?
Posted by JohnQC 2022-05-03 17:18||   2022-05-03 17:18|| Front Page Top

#42 The left makes lots of miscalculations. This time around, they may have energized their (shrinking) base, but reading Roberts' statement regarding the leak, they may have pushed him right in the bargain.

The question I have re: packing the court. Why would the current SCOTUS find any such effort to be constitutional? They might if it was an actual amendment ratified by the required number of states. Short of that, I don't see it.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-05-03 18:01||   2022-05-03 18:01|| Front Page Top

#43 "We're from the child groomers, and we are here to help!"
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-05-03 18:22||   2022-05-03 18:22|| Front Page Top

#44 The left will go ballistic against "Conservative" members of The Supreme Court, especially Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Remember who voted for said Justices? Sens. Murkowski and Collins.

This is going to be fun to watch.
Posted by Anomalous Sources 2022-05-03 21:29||   2022-05-03 21:29|| Front Page Top

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