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1 33543012/18/2011Federal judge: Iran shares responsibility for 9/11 terror attacks
2 26590303/24/2009Will Sunni's rejoin AQI for the bucks?
3 25696912/11/2008One terr killed, 18 suspects in custody — MNF
4 25087709/24/2008Three die in roadside bomb attacks in Iraq
5 24645708/08/2008U.S. army nab 25 suspects including al-Qaeda commander
6 24241406/23/2008Iraqi official opens fire on visiting U.S. troops; killing one
7 24073406/03/2008U.S. forces kill 2 gunmen, arrest 30 in central, northern Iraq
8 24031205/29/2008Salman Pak showing signs of improvement - Here come the judge
9 22400002/06/2008Iraqi SWAT detains 28 suspects, kills seven terrorists in operations targeting AQI
10 22375402/05/2008Iraqi troops kill 11 in countrywide raids
11 21237712/10/2007Al-Qaeda networks disrupted; Coalition forces detain 10 suspects
12 20864911/22/2007Two British troops killed in Iraq helicopter crash
13 20848311/21/2007US helicopter crashes in Iraq
14 20515411/03/2007U.S. forces kill 10 al Qaeda suspects near Baghdad
15 20145810/06/2007Ground, helicopters team to kill 3 extremists during raid
16 20137310/05/2007Yemeni Fighter Iced
17 19944009/19/2007Marne Husky ends with capture of insurgent
18 19853209/10/2007Media Matters: On Fox News Sunday, Hume falsely asserted that Al Qaeda in Iraq 'was there before we got there'
19 19784209/03/2007US forces in Iraq kill eight suspected militants
20 19288107/08/2007Iraqi army still not meeting U.S. needs
21 19263807/05/2007When does a massacare count as news?
22 19212806/30/2007US military accuses media of reporting 'false' Iraqi claims (Bloggers confirmed)
23 19205906/29/2007Current Iraq Offensive w/Operational Map
24 19197806/29/2007Bombing kills 22 at Baghdad bus station
25 19192806/28/2007Coalition air strike destroys building, kills insurgents
26 19134806/22/2007Marne Torch continues clearing insurgent safe havens
27 19123106/20/2007Battle of Iraq 2007 - Bill Roggio June 20
28 19113406/19/200710,000 US Troops Launch Iraq Offensive (D-DAY IN BAQOUBA!)
29 18822905/13/2007More on Mahmudiyah Ambush
30 18745905/03/2007He wasn't born an American but he died as one
31 18065802/17/2007Bomb-Making Factory Destroyed; Two Suspects Captured (EFP mention?)
32 18047402/15/2007Hostage rescued in Salman Pak
33 16813610/09/2006Hundreds of Iraq police sick from poison
34 15804107/03/2006No Medical Recovery Outside Of Iraq FOBs ??
35 15370805/25/200611 killed in Iraqi drive-by shootings
36 14452303/05/2006Talabani calls Jaafari a block to unity
37 14443603/04/2006Iraqi President: U.S. to Stay As Long As Needed
38 14395802/27/2006Holy Shiite Tomb Attacked
39 14393902/27/2006Sunnis Ready to End Boycott, Leader Says
40 14273702/15/2006Searching Saddam's Hard Drives
41 14050201/22/2006Hoekstra has 39 of 40 Iraqi documents listed by the Weekly Standard
42 13922201/07/2006Saddam's terrorist training camps
43 12300407/01/2005Get Smart
44 6167704/18/2005Mass kidnapping may be a tribal dispute
45 6167604/18/2005Huge operation launched to free Iraqi hostages
46 6160604/17/2005Iraqi troops rescue Shiite hostages in besieged town
47 6022103/30/2005Iraq Ops Update
48 5990203/26/2005After Action Report: Raven 42, engagement in Salman Pak
49 5973403/24/2005Largest terrorist training camp seized
50 5899903/16/2005Islamic Anger Brigades join Zarqawi
51 5836203/08/2005New fighting underway in Ramadi
52 5621102/11/200520 killed at Salman Pak
53 5366601/14/2005 Iraqi Extremists Claim Killing of Cleric
54 5358801/13/2005Aide to revered cleric killed
55 3553906/15/2004Rioting follows bombings that kill 21, injure 62 in Iraq
56 2664302/21/2004Saddam’s ambassador to al-Qaeda
57 2651102/19/2004Follow the money - Syria and funding for the insurgency in Iraq
58 2577402/07/2004Interesting bit of info here ...
59 2272312/15/2003Sammy being jugged may scare Binny, but won’t effect al-Qaeda morale
60 2127211/15/2003About that smoking gun ...
61 2002610/17/2003Iraqi Daily: Saddam Ordered Training of Al-Qaida Members
62 1942810/03/2003Suspected Saddam executioner caught
63 1303704/14/2003Yemen arrests returning Iraqi volunteers
64 1257004/06/2003Marines Attack Suspected Terrorist Camp in Salman Pak
65 1134303/16/2003Spain links suspect in 9/11 plot to Baghdad