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2009-05-28 Home Front: Politix
Fast-track to failure
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Posted by tu3031 2009-05-28 15:48|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6477 views ]  Top

#1 I'd expect (as others here have speculated) that SK and Japan, with their long-standing neighborhood bullies and their own excellent technological base, may already have some ready-to-assemble nukes, the rocket tech available, and now a reason to put the whole shebang together.
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-28 17:59||   2009-05-28 17:59|| Front Page Top

#2 South Korea is like Japan in that both can break out to nuclear world power status at any time. Perhaps it's time to give a withdrawal date for the US nuclear umbrella and complicate the situation for the world's dictators.

Korea Space Launch Vehicle

Nuclear power in South Korea
Posted by ed 2009-05-28 19:08||   2009-05-28 19:08|| Front Page Top

#3 Perhaps it's time to give a withdrawal date for the US nuclear umbrella

errr...Ima thinkrn Jan 21st this year was it
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-28 19:19||   2009-05-28 19:19|| Front Page Top

#4 I'm sure Japan hasn't actually CONSTRUCTED a nuclear weapon, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn all the components - including the nuclear material - were stored in a "secure environment" somewhere in Japan. Korea, I believe, has the capability to build a working nuclear weapon, but hasn't (yet) done any work on actually producing the pieces necessary.
Posted by Old Patriot">Old Patriot  2009-05-28 19:30||]">[]  2009-05-28 19:30|| Front Page Top

#5 OP - I'd agree with that assessment. Given Kim's erratic behavior and China/Russian bullying, I'm thinking there's no way the Japanese have allowed themselves to be more than one step away from assembling a ready-designed nuke. Now, do they have the missile tech?....uh huh
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-28 19:56||   2009-05-28 19:56|| Front Page Top

#6 If the ROKs had already put together a nuke, the NORKs would be further along than they are.
Posted by rwv 2009-05-28 20:15||   2009-05-28 20:15|| Front Page Top

#7 Frank G - A question - to what extent do either Japan or ROK need the missile capability? Wouldn't aircraft, or in ROK, artillery work?

I wonder if what's going on is press release brinksmanship with the PRC - as in make the Chinese decide to shut down Kim, or accept multiple near neighbors with nuclear capacity. Also could make for interesting diplomatic opportunity for Taiwan and Vietnam.
Posted by Halliburton - Mysterious Conspiracy Division 2009-05-28 22:27||   2009-05-28 22:27|| Front Page Top

#8 Good question. My answer would depend on what extent the PRC backs their yappy rabid dog. If SK, Japan (& Taiwan?) had reach to deliver the big boom to Three Gorges, the mix would be wide open on motivations, options, restraints
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-28 22:34||   2009-05-28 22:34|| Front Page Top

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