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2013-10-27 -Short Attention Span Theater-
80 pct. of enrollees on Obamacare website are on Medicaid
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Posted by badanov 2013-10-27 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6459 views ]  Top

#1 If the insurance companies don't get folks to sign up then they will be in relatively good shape as they will not have the obligation to provide health care to those who do not sign up. It is the tax payer who will be on the hook for the uninsured. Of course once the medicaid signups are done; if the rest are only the medically needy that will create a problem for them. Then watch them request higher premiums or just withdraw from the insurance pool entirely.
Posted by tipover 2013-10-27 01:42||   2013-10-27 01:42|| Front Page Top

#2 The system was designed to fail: things are proceeding according to plan. Once it fails look for broad-based demands for national single payer medical system and punish those evil one-percenter doctors.
Posted by Glenmore 2013-10-27 08:55||   2013-10-27 08:55|| Front Page Top

#3 As they say in the MSM, unexpectedly!

To be a tad more accurate, it's a capital 'U'.

And considering it's 'you' who they are going to get the capital from to fund this beast...
Posted by Pappy 2013-10-27 09:30||   2013-10-27 09:30|| Front Page Top

#4 “…we might be on the verge of seeing Obama demand an even more obvious bailout of the insurance companies…We'll be told we must authorize higher taxes and/or more deficit spending to cover the insurance industry's losses, and anyone who refuses is just a greedy SOB who wants poor people to die. That's how the most far-Left anti-capitalist President in U.S. history is going to push a billion-dollar bailout for the same big corporations he demonized when explaining why the government had to seize control of the health insurance industry.”

So the uninsured before ObamaCare were not really uninsured as they had access to Medicaid coverage or access to the emergency room--all at taxpayers expense. So now they have access to ObozoCare which is really Medicaid. So what's changed other than the Ferel Govmint has taken over 1/6 of our economy and turned upside down and destroyed a rather good medical system? I have had two physicians in their 50s bale out and quit their practices (and a third considering it). My wife's insurance has changed--she had to change insurance companies. Anyone else have such experiences? Is it not now time to impeach and throw out these communist apparatchiks?
Posted by JohnQC 2013-10-27 10:24||   2013-10-27 10:24|| Front Page Top

#5 Hey, if you don’t have the patience for Creative Destruction why not try a little Destructive Creativity?
Posted by DepotGuy 2013-10-27 13:13||   2013-10-27 13:13|| Front Page Top

#6 I lost my BC/BS PPO as employees only are now covered, dropping spouses and children because of Obamacare mandates. I know others in the same boat, not qualifying for Medicaid but losing affordable group rates. Even those that say they 'love Obamacare' haven't actually signed up for it or are really on Medicaid and happy to get more free sh*t. Same people that got stimulus funds to fix stuff they didn't know was a problem, like adding insulation or replacing windows because some slick sales person said it was "free".
Posted by Anging Hatfield6648 2013-10-27 15:47||   2013-10-27 15:47|| Front Page Top

#7 I think all the problems since 1964 can be boiled down to three words - other people's money.

A lot of people think that is the same as free.
Posted by Bobby 2013-10-27 17:32||   2013-10-27 17:32|| Front Page Top

#8 BINGO, Bobby.
Posted by Barbara 2013-10-27 18:14||   2013-10-27 18:14|| Front Page Top

#9 I think all the problems since 1964 can be boiled down to three words - other people's money.

With Canada, Europe, and their national defense, it been since the end of WWII.
Posted by Pappy 2013-10-27 19:06||   2013-10-27 19:06|| Front Page Top

#10 "With Canada, Europe, and their national defense, it been since the end of WWII."
Bullsh*te...we don't need a massive military because we don't have the rest of the planet hating us, unlike the USA where, well, nobody really likes you, to be diplomatic-like...
Posted by Jerkface Killa 2013-10-27 19:13||   2013-10-27 19:13|| Front Page Top

#11 You don't need a massive military because your neighbor to the south pretty much picked up the tab since the 1940s.

Don't get me wrong. I love Canada. My father is from there. I consulted there and was a naval liaison.

But it has one foot in Europe, one foot in Britain, and both hands on their backsides because they're consistently butt-hurt.

It's not a nation. It's a place.
Posted by Pappy 2013-10-27 22:47||   2013-10-27 22:47|| Front Page Top

#12 we don't need a massive military because we don't have the rest of the planet hating us

So those are bombs of love that keep going off in Europe?
Posted by Secret Master 2013-10-27 23:34||   2013-10-27 23:34|| Front Page Top

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