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2018-12-09 -Lurid Crime Tales-
The Mueller Bombshell That Wasn't - Is This Really All They've Got ?
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Posted by Besoeker 2018-12-09 04:53|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [437 views ]  Top

#1 Unless trump said ’use the campaign finances account’ (the account most likely to face scrutiny) they have nothing here. Unless there is more this is nothing.
Posted by Rjschwarz 2018-12-09 08:53||   2018-12-09 08:53|| Front Page Top

#2 "In marked contrast, though, when it was discovered that Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was guilty of violations involving nearly $2 million – an amount that dwarfs the $280,000 in Cohen’s case – the Obama Justice Department decided not to prosecute. Instead, the matter was quietly disposed of by a $375,000 fine by the Federal Election Commission." (Andrew McCarthy article).

First, Stormy Daniels said she didn't have a fling with DJT and then she said she did when there was a promise of more money. The MSM jumps to the conclusion these were true without proof just to try to take down Trump. It's not uncommon for celebrities with money to pay off nuisance claims just to make them go away and stay out of court whether true or not.
Posted by JohnQC 2018-12-09 11:32||   2018-12-09 11:32|| Front Page Top

#3 Of course, if Cohen had given Mueller "pure gold" he wouldn't be looking at hard time.
Posted by M. Murcek 2018-12-09 11:32||   2018-12-09 11:32|| Front Page Top

#4 With a criminal complaint filed against Mueller for trying to force people to lie, any thing he produces is now meaningless.
Posted by Ebbavirt Clunk4147 2018-12-09 12:24||   2018-12-09 12:24|| Front Page Top

#5 Example #[think of a large number!]: Why the current Campaign Finance Laws are both insane and an ongoing temptation for partisan bureaucrats to invent arcane law violations.

"Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime." --Lavrentiy Beria
Posted by magpie 2018-12-09 14:26||   2018-12-09 14:26|| Front Page Top

#6 The other day I saw on Facebook a vocal Trump-hater crowing that Democrat control of the House means that he will be impeached. Her response to the fact that nothing had come to the Clinton impeachment in the Senate was that President Nixon had resigned in shame when faced with the same situation.

So that’s the newest ridiculous hope: Donald J. Trump will be so ashamed at being impeached by people who hate him that he will quietly slink away, never to be seen again.
Posted by trailing wife 2018-12-09 15:29||   2018-12-09 15:29|| Front Page Top

#7 Her response to the fact that nothing had come to the Clinton impeachment in the Senate was that President Nixon had resigned in shame when faced with the same situation.
Selective partisan blindness to the context of those times. The the 70's were still in the Cold War could go "hot" without warning. The adults in the Senate, Democrats and Republicans, told Nixon that he needed to step down for the common good. If Nixon resigned and went quietly then he would be immediately given Amnesty.... Shame? Nixon, hardly...
Posted by magpie 2018-12-09 18:42||   2018-12-09 18:42|| Front Page Top

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