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2005-02-05 Arabia
Kuwait tickets veiled women drivers
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Posted by Fred 2005-02-05 00:00:00 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [397 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Department Brigadier Suleiman Al-Muhailan decided to activate the law to prevent terrorists from escaping security check points by wearing veils.

"Um, I gotta mustache 'cause I got one of them hormone problems?"
Posted by Pappy 2005-02-05 12:52:37 AM||   2005-02-05 12:52:37 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Heh, Pappy, this reminds me of the traffic safety study that the Saudis commissioned some years back to find out why their accident rate was so high. The conclusion, written by bona-fide Western professionals, was that the kaffiyeh headgear cuts their field of view so dramatically. Doh! And on top of that they're just damned shitty drivers with no regard for traffic laws and almost no understanding of basic physics to boot, heh. Double Doh!
Posted by .com 2005-02-05 1:03:20 AM||   2005-02-05 1:03:20 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 As a chase car security driver/PSD I've driven many a frantic mile (kilometer?) stuck to the rear end of a a hard car in Kuwait, and the traffic (Especially in the 2 lane crop traffic circles)borders on madness. For a person to drive without his/her full faculties would be nucking futs. It's as if you are engaged in a video game of chicken with the other drivers at 120 kmh. After a 45 minute drive from HQ to the Ministry of Defence, the hard car driver is cool as a cucumber, but the chase car driver/PS3 is soaked with sweat from the intensity of the mission.
Posted by Bodyguard  2005-02-05 12:50:19 PM||   2005-02-05 12:50:19 PM|| Front Page Top

#4 It can be like that in Israel, too. I drove there for a couple of weeks while on business years ago. 3 land highways: north, south and chicken lane.
Posted by too true 2005-02-05 12:52:15 PM||   2005-02-05 12:52:15 PM|| Front Page Top

#5 Ah, .com - don't forget the traffic rotaries, where one enters driving with the left hand on the wheel, and the right hand pressing the horn.

After one trip from the RSN base to a hotel and back, I was ready to go back to the minefields for my own safety.
Posted by Pappy 2005-02-05 10:11:17 PM||   2005-02-05 10:11:17 PM|| Front Page Top

#6 Sounds like Rome: three-lane street, five lanes of traffic. And the bus drivers are crazy! Give me Frankfurt at rush hour any day!
Posted by Old Patriot  2005-02-05 11:10:20 PM|| []  2005-02-05 11:10:20 PM|| Front Page Top

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