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2005-02-05 Israel-Palestine
Palestinians Seek Release of More Prisoners
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Posted by Fred 2005-02-05 00:00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [412 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 finish the wall and then release more - see how they actually like the thugs back in circulation
Posted by Frank G  2005-02-05 12:05:34 AM||   2005-02-05 12:05:34 AM|| Front Page Top

ignore the attention whore Syria can't feel that comfortable with the US and Israel on either side, and Israeli jets doing flybys over the capital and palace. Time to ratchet up the pressure and get the Baathists uncomfortable.;-) May can't come too soon. cue porn music: twangy guitar and bass nice picture - what is that? the Hokey Pokey? I got ya big dragon head, right here, Ali, ya big pussy the Islamists didn't come for democracy, LH. I seriously doubt they think that a Jew should have a say in their view of desired societal change, and all you wymens with uncovered ankles....cover up or else! looked like sarcasm to me, Dan out on DVD april 5th - plunk down the cash PD! it's tough to get back into the Juche-mood....possibly spring training needed great choice as visa guy...idjits. Time to clean house with a broom, Condi nope, AP - I bet Joooooo occupation of the oppressed innocent Paleos does, tho' as an unemployed gigolo I'd appreciate any references.... liked him a lot in "Outlaw Josey Wales" as well.... good actor and sounds like a good man as well. RIP I hope they don't fire him for his stupid free speech usage. Fire him for his doctored resume, fine. Firing him for his speech will only make him a martyr, when he should be the object of scorn and ridicule and when's the last time you did that on the battlefield, you ignorant backassward coward? Kinky's a kick. I saw this on Imus, and the great Asleep at the Wheel played as well.... I hope he goes and puts them on the spot. If they try to arrest him, it'll be the end of NATO and US protection over Germany. End the bases there. flaming bags o'dog poop every couple nights
Posted by Mike Sylwester 2005-02-05 12:23:03 AM||   2005-02-05 12:23:03 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 The red-headed stepchild of RB begs for more attention - on Fred's dime.
Posted by .com 2005-02-05 12:28:02 AM||   2005-02-05 12:28:02 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 Sounds more like someone fed some of yesterday's posts into a Markov Chain program.
Posted by Robert Crawford  2005-02-05 12:32:36 AM|| []  2005-02-05 12:32:36 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 Palestinians urged Israel yesterday to expand a prisoner release to ensure the success of the forthcoming summit as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accused the Palestinians of doing little to combat “terror.”

Lemme see here. Israel greets unilateral Palestinian demands with a flat turndown. Quite obviously Sharon's brain is still firing on all cylinders. "Demands" are usually accompanied with concomitant concessions. No concessions, no demands met. I realize this is difficult for the Palestinians to comprehend but reality is full of niggling little details like this.

Israel disappointed the Palestinian leadership by refusing to include those jailed for deadly attacks among the 900 prisoners whom Prime Minister Sharon and top Cabinet ministers agreed on Thursday to release in a goodwill gesture.

Israel didn't "disappoint" anyone. The Palestinians, as usual, set themselves up for failure by making unrealistic demands. Asking that known killers be released to commit even more mayhem really doesn't count as a noticeable bargaining chip unless it is accompanied by significant concessions towards making a lasting peace. This is nowhere apparent.

Meanwhile, Sharon said in a telephone conversation with his Norwegian counterpart Kjell Magne Bondevik yesterday, “The Palestinian side hasn’t done a thing except to deploy its forces in Gaza before taking significant steps in the war on terror.”

Sufficient reason not to release a whole bunch of skilled combatants.

BIG CLUE: The Palestinians should stop insisting upon major Israeli gestures without providing substantive moves on their own part. Otherwise, continued fence building and more targeted hits upon terror leaders will remain the norm. Logic is such a cast iron b!tch.
Posted by Zenster 2005-02-05 12:33:34 AM||   2005-02-05 12:33:34 AM|| Front Page Top

Speaking of attention whores, check out this thread, #79 and #88.
Posted by Mike Sylwester 2005-02-05 12:34:23 AM||   2005-02-05 12:34:23 AM|| Front Page Top

#7 I like #89, myself, asshole.
Posted by .com 2005-02-05 12:42:08 AM||   2005-02-05 12:42:08 AM|| Front Page Top

#8 "reality is full of niggling little details like this"

Lol, Zen! They never do, and never will, get it. Only one of the two populations will come out of this alive, unless some serious magic occurs in Paleoland, IMHO.
Posted by .com 2005-02-05 12:45:02 AM||   2005-02-05 12:45:02 AM|| Front Page Top

#9 Mike Sywester, what's the problem? Your usual posts are much more sensible.
Posted by trailing wife 2005-02-05 1:08:18 AM||   2005-02-05 1:08:18 AM|| Front Page Top

#10 tw - I beg to differ.

Mikey has 2 sides. 1) I don't like jihadis - and his posts in that vein are simplistic and uninformed. 2) I love the UN - and his posts in that vein are blind dogma - again insubstantial, pointless, uninformative. People who have a link they believe substantiates an argument, yet still post the entire text from that link - you recognize Mikey's MO in this description right?, as if volume make the point, are bandwidth hogs, attention whores, and trolls.

He's a troll - absolutely and clearly proven in the link he gave and in this thread, today. He brings zero substance to RB.

No offense meant to you - and thank you for your attention. ;-)
Posted by .com 2005-02-05 1:21:50 AM||   2005-02-05 1:21:50 AM|| Front Page Top

#11 I'm beginning to think Mike S. has been talking with Tony Forresta. And their AFDB's were left at home.
Posted by Attaboid 2005-02-05 1:35:09 AM||   2005-02-05 1:35:09 AM|| Front Page Top

#12 ignore the attention whore, sez Mikey in #2.

I'll be glad to oblige, Mikey.

Back to the topic.
Back before an utterly shitty day in 2001 I was known as Mr. Nice Guy, you just won't believe how nice. Since then, as Desert Blondie correctly recognized, I'm a Bad Man. (I still assume that was meant as a compliment! :-P)
Not that I was librul before, I were not. But one may say that on that shitty day, I was mugged, albeit in a symbolical fashion. This is just a backdrop from which my opinions are formed.

Baleos want prisoners returned? I would oblige, but with "Ooops, there has been a terrible accident" kinda routine, as the jihad-minded convicts would be already assuming the room temp, before handing them over.
Posted by Sobiesky 2005-02-05 2:25:03 AM||   2005-02-05 2:25:03 AM|| Front Page Top

#13 Mike S.,"Your'a Ramblin man".
Posted by Raptor 2005-02-05 8:13:48 AM||   2005-02-05 8:13:48 AM|| Front Page Top

Re # (.com) bandwidth hogs, attention whores ... He brings zero substance to RB.

Everybody take a look at this thread, #88.
Posted by Mike Sylwester 2005-02-05 8:50:37 AM||   2005-02-05 8:50:37 AM|| Front Page Top

#15 "Everybody take a look at this thread, #88."

Posted by Dave D. 2005-02-05 9:26:50 AM||   2005-02-05 9:26:50 AM|| Front Page Top

#16 Dave, dunno. maybe Mikey's imaginary friends are there?
Posted by Sobiesky 2005-02-05 9:30:03 AM||   2005-02-05 9:30:03 AM|| Front Page Top

#17 Cadddie! Caddy! Cadddddie!
Posted by Snipe Westercile 2005-02-05 11:50:17 AM||   2005-02-05 11:50:17 AM|| Front Page Top

#18 as usual, MS posts someone else's words and opinions without offering his own. Kofi's butt boy
Posted by Frank G  2005-02-05 12:00:25 PM||   2005-02-05 12:00:25 PM|| Front Page Top


They Palestinian want convicted killers released. I doubt that is about to happen. They need to get over it.

As far as bandwidth sucking attention whores go. I pay my own way. I suggest that someone else do the same and use the Amazon or PayPal links. Better yet FOAD.

Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2005-02-05 12:04:47 PM|| []  2005-02-05 12:04:47 PM|| Front Page Top

#20 Daaaaissssyyyy Daaaaisssssyyyyyy giiiiive meeeeeeeee annnnnnn aaaaannnnsssweeerrrr dooooooooooo ...
Posted by Syke Milwester 2005-02-05 12:07:47 PM||   2005-02-05 12:07:47 PM|| Front Page Top

#21 At least Aris posts his own thoughts, Mike.
Isn't there something around the State Department that you can do to undermine American efforts around the globe, or don't they let you anywhere near the important stuff?
Posted by Desert Blondie 2005-02-05 1:25:06 PM|| []  2005-02-05 1:25:06 PM|| Front Page Top

#22 State Detartment? I thought he was on support staff for Kojo!
Posted by Tom 2005-02-05 1:32:45 PM||   2005-02-05 1:32:45 PM|| Front Page Top

As far as bandwidth sucking attention whores go .... FOAD.

I sure hope, SPOD, that .com takes your hint.
Posted by Cleamp Ebbereling9443 2005-02-05 1:49:09 PM||   2005-02-05 1:49:09 PM|| Front Page Top

#24 Kids, kids, let's calm down here, 'k?
Posted by Steve White  2005-02-05 1:51:07 PM||   2005-02-05 1:51:07 PM|| Front Page Top

#25 ah c'mon dad! we wuz only funning!
Posted by Frank G  2005-02-05 1:54:43 PM||   2005-02-05 1:54:43 PM|| Front Page Top

#26 Well, this looks like just the latest instance of the Paleo habit of trying to induce the Israelis to do everything, while the Paleos themselves do little or nothing.
Posted by Bomb-a-rama 2005-02-05 3:57:18 PM||   2005-02-05 3:57:18 PM|| Front Page Top

#27 Well BAR it is the islamiod way.
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom 2005-02-05 4:02:35 PM|| []  2005-02-05 4:02:35 PM|| Front Page Top

#28 Caddy! Caddy? Caaaaddddddddddddeeeeeeeee!
Posted by Snipe Westercile 2005-02-05 4:38:12 PM||   2005-02-05 4:38:12 PM|| Front Page Top

#29 And they were eating their lunch, 'cause they
had little (wuz they premium salties?)lunch sacks, and they were drinking coke. The
main reason I remember 'em is, (youse paying me) after the last shot (BANG!) I
recall hearing and the car went down under the triple (good surgeons there)underpass there, I heard a crash of glass, and I looked
over there, and the kids had thrown down their coke
bottles, and commenced to jitter like in them UN moviesjust threw them down and just started running (ole black keds down fail me now)
towards the back and I ... Of course, I don't see
anything unusual in that because everybody else was
running that way, 'cause when I look over on my left
side, the people on the hill were all running back the
same way too.
Posted by Sitzman 2005-02-05 4:56:03 PM||   2005-02-05 4:56:03 PM|| Front Page Top

#30 At least Aris posts his own thoughts, Mike.

Spot on, DB.
Posted by Zenster 2005-02-05 11:59:42 PM||   2005-02-05 11:59:42 PM|| Front Page Top

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