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2013-10-11 Home Front: Politix
Republicans Offer 6-Week Debt Extension
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Posted by Fred 2013-10-11 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [728 views ]  Top

#1 So the Pubs blinked first, and Champ is further emboldened.

So why can't our leaders appreciate how others see the US when we "blink first"?
Posted by Bobby 2013-10-11 06:31||   2013-10-11 06:31|| Front Page Top

#2 Is it blinking first or offereing up deals that they know Obama won't take and that will make Obama look worse.

The more the GOP can position themselves as the ones willing to negotiate against Obama's "won't talk" attitude the better. Also the longer it drags out the worse the Obamacare implementation looks and the more reasonable the one year delay the GOP proposed seems to the average person.

I think the Republicans have the better hand in the long run.
Posted by rjschwarz 2013-10-11 10:20||   2013-10-11 10:20|| Front Page Top

#3 Carney said........

Pet waste, on the jogging trail of life.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-10-11 10:26||   2013-10-11 10:26|| Front Page Top

#4 I'm thinking this was a clever move. Champ wants to cloud the issue by talking debt cap. House takes debt cap off the table. ObamaCare is a winner. Default is a loser (even if it's not in question, the Dems are making that the issue). So we stay on message on ObamaCare. Works for me.

Believe me, I'm the first to suspect that the House GOP Leadership is even now crafting clever new ways to roll over. I just don't think this is their move.
Posted by Iblis 2013-10-11 10:44||   2013-10-11 10:44|| Front Page Top

#5 I'm against this offer, since it trades something real, like MONEY, for talk...
Posted by Ptah 2013-10-11 10:44||   2013-10-11 10:44|| Front Page Top

#6 Six weeks puts it near the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not crazy about the extension, but the timing at the end of it is right.
Posted by Pappy 2013-10-11 10:47||   2013-10-11 10:47|| Front Page Top

#7 I'm not for it. Deal with the issues NOW. Don't wait for a new contrived crisis, or real crisis such as an Israeli-Iranian war.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-10-11 11:01||   2013-10-11 11:01|| Front Page Top

#8 Good news! The most wasteful entity in the country is going to borrow even more money, IN YOUR NAME!
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2013-10-11 11:45||   2013-10-11 11:45|| Front Page Top

#9 Boehner and Kantor negotiated who was going to bend off for Obama while Reid and Pelosi watched.

The winner gets screwed and the loser gets to clean up the mess with an american flag.

What a watse of time; they could of bent over 2 weeks ago and made America get to bankruptcy 2 weeks faster.
Posted by airandee 2013-10-11 13:50||   2013-10-11 13:50|| Front Page Top

#10 Out of curiosity, what did the GOP get last time it negotiated to raise the debt ceiling?
Posted by Iblis 2013-10-11 13:59||   2013-10-11 13:59|| Front Page Top

#11 Ever think of incorporating the proviso that no one under 18 is obligated to pay any portion of any further extended debt and that servicing of that extended debt will be removed from allocations for Social Security. You'll suddenly get a lot of attention.
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-10-11 15:43||   2013-10-11 15:43|| Front Page Top

#12 Don't be silly, P2K, Obama will eventually tax the rich into utopia, as soon as those evil Pubs wake up and smell the coffee, realizing they are doomed. Things'd be swell if it weren't for those greedy fat cats trying to starve the poor folks into actually working for a living.

You don't have to be a genius to spout it!
Posted by Bobby 2013-10-11 17:26||   2013-10-11 17:26|| Front Page Top

#13 Maybe it's because I majored in math rather than economics or political science, but I don't understand why we even bother to have a debt limit. Every year during the Obama administration, the US had run up TRILLION dollar deficits. No matter what we set the debt limit to, we will, by definition, bump into it unless we raise income or reduce spending or both.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia 2013-10-11 19:43||   2013-10-11 19:43|| Front Page Top

#14 "It is not pronounced BONER" - I sezzes it like I seez it.

Boehner is getting criticized all over FREEREPUBLIC + other Rightist-Conservative Blogs this AM, to the point where it is claimed his job as House Speaker is now at risk???

OTOH many Perts on the MSM-Net claim that the US is collecting more than enough revenue to pay its obligations, thus there is no need for the Bammer + Dems to raise the Debt Limit save to directly or indirectly INTENTIONALLY RAISE/EXPAND THE DEBT BURDEN JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.

Posted by JosephMendiola 2013-10-11 19:45||   2013-10-11 19:45|| Front Page Top

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