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2007-04-05 Home Front: Politix
Pelosi wins endorsements of Al Aksa, PIJ and Hamas!
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Posted by Brett 2007-04-05 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6490 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 If only the White House Press Secretary would read these quotes at the next briefing.

Let Tony Snow come back for that one day.
Posted by Mike N. 2007-04-05 00:37||   2007-04-05 00:37|| Front Page Top

#2 "Nancy Pelosi understands the area (Middle East) well, more than Bush and Dr. (Condoleeza) Rice," said Al-Batch, speaking to WND from Gaza.

Yes, Nancy "I'm Queen of the World" Pelosi understands about as much of the Middle East as al Batch does about my living arrangements.

Most people won't realize that, to al Batch, Nancy is seen as little more than a whore because she is basically an unaccompanied woman trying to do a job only a man should be able to do.

And maybe they'd be right in that opinion in this case...(for those of a lesser intellect, I say this because Nancy "IQotW" Pelosi is basically trying to whore out American foreign policy in a manner in which whores would completely recognize - ie money, jobs, money, work, money, submission, etc., etc., etc.).

Posted by FOTSGreg">FOTSGreg  2007-04-05 00:54||]">[]  2007-04-05 00:54|| Front Page Top

#3 Next stop....North Vietnam.
Posted by Besoeker 2007-04-05 01:07||   2007-04-05 01:07|| Front Page Top

#4 Nancy Pelosi understands the area (Middle East) well, more than Bush and Dr. (Condoleeza) Rice.

Too bad she doesn't understand the US well enough to know why Bush and his talented team balance things the way they do.

As for her ringing endorsement from the terrorist enablers, who cares about the Logan act now? I'm guessing she's toast. We'll see. Hopefully Nancy will need a burqa to avoid being recognized when she gets back home.
Posted by gorb 2007-04-05 02:18||   2007-04-05 02:18|| Front Page Top

#5 Nancy, the pawn
Posted by Victor Emmanuel Grusong8179 2007-04-05 02:27||   2007-04-05 02:27|| Front Page Top

#6 Fred and all moderators, please edit, delete or ban me for the following post, but I have no personal choice.

I was going to joke about Khaled Al-Batch = "Biatch" and some such crapulence, but this has simply gone too far.

I hope a particular politician's policies are all paid up.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 03:03||   2007-04-05 03:03|| Front Page Top

#7 This is it.

With great and deepest thanks to Rantburg, my evolution is complete.

Pelosi's treason has finally made it possible mandatory for me — who several elections ago was a lifelong democrat — to finally consider voting republican. If Tancredo makes it to the finals, I will probably have to vote for him. My disgust at the thought of voting republican is ABSOLUTELY minuscule compared to my revulsion at Pelosi's and all the other democrats' treasonous behavior.

Thank you, Rantburg. I owe all of you, right down to .com and Frank G. a note of gratitude for posing sufficient opposition whereby such abrasion gradually wore down any previous opposition.

My personal disgust knows no bounds. Not even Nixon inspires such a sense of Godforsaken repulsion like Pelosi does right now. "Consorting with the enemy", "war-time treason" or "aid and abetting" all lack even the most remote sense of my visceral revulsion at this moment.

Fred, and all the moderators, thank you for leaving the lights on so that I could find my way home. You too, Mark Z.

The above graphic brings to mind a very few words; "Tritium sights" are among them. Again, my apologies for being so inappropriate, but this is it. A line in the sand has been crossed FOREVER.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 03:50||   2007-04-05 03:50|| Front Page Top

#8 Feeling a bit mugged there, Z? :-)
Posted by gorb 2007-04-05 04:03||   2007-04-05 04:03|| Front Page Top

#9 Nope, not in the least, Gorb. I've seen this coming for some time now. I just didn't realize how traitorous documented American citizens could be without having to suffer serious consequences. Two words: Logan Act.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 04:09||   2007-04-05 04:09|| Front Page Top

#10 It amazes me the government puts up with this crap. This country seems to be becoming more disconnected by the minute. People like my grandparents used to understand this stuff implicitly. No more. Not even our government officials. Maybe because we haven't really had to focus on anything with understood consequences since WWII. Heck, half of the population doesn't even understand what consequences are anymore, and they wouldn't recognize one if it fell in their lap.
Posted by gorb 2007-04-05 04:25||   2007-04-05 04:25|| Front Page Top

#11 That scarf undoes all the hard work and money she spent on her face lift & hair.
Poor Nancy.
The inner you is showing and I'm afraid it's pretty ugly.
Posted by Gladys 2007-04-05 06:49||   2007-04-05 06:49|| Front Page Top

#12 “Last month, Ellen Sauerbrey, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, held talks in Damascus in a public gesture widely seen as an expression of Washington's willingness to engage Damascus.”

A minor point here but most of the reports on Pelosis’ visit seems to add this event almost as a counterweight to the speakers ill advised decision. What they all fail to detail is that Sauerbrey was part of an international delegation with the very narrow agenda of Iraqi refugees. And in no way was it considered a bilateral meeting to "open dialogue" with the State sponser of terror.
Posted by DepotGuy 2007-04-05 08:24||   2007-04-05 08:24|| Front Page Top

#13 Zen, welcome to the conspiracy.
Posted by Mike N. 2007-04-05 10:33||   2007-04-05 10:33|| Front Page Top

#14 Pelosi is a nitwit who is easily duped--a tool of whomever wants to use her as a tool. For all her talk about women's rights and how wonderful it was to have a woman appointed as speaker, she does not seem to realize that if she lived in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, she would not have shit for rights. These are the same people who support and fund terrorism against us. These are the same people that kill people, burn their bodies and hang them from bridges. These are the same people who behead defenseless prisoners. Christ allmighty, save us from useless nitwits.
Posted by JohnQC 2007-04-05 10:41||   2007-04-05 10:41|| Front Page Top

#15 On a personal note where as I bet my military pension against Nancy having what a successful trip. Given that the ONLY people who liked her trip are world-wide recognized terrorists organization I will sleep safe knowing that I get to keep my pension and don't have to become a Democrat. Also I looked (as I always do) on the SF Chron for any mention of this or Olmert recanting any message and got zippo. A matter of fact Pelosi isn't even mentioned today and they mention her EVERY FRIGGIN DAY.
Posted by Cyber Sarge 2007-04-05 10:49||   2007-04-05 10:49|| Front Page Top

#16 Wonder if she'll be waving a piece of paper when she gets off the plane back in DC?
Posted by tu3031 2007-04-05 11:01||   2007-04-05 11:01|| Front Page Top

#17 Keep your spirits up Zenster. Like all things, this phase of history will pass too. Hopefully, it is not too late for this great country--we will self-correct.
Posted by JohnQC 2007-04-05 11:49||   2007-04-05 11:49|| Front Page Top

#18 Hopefully it will correct or it will be corrected after a sea of blood has been shed.
Posted by DarthVader">DarthVader  2007-04-05 12:00||   2007-04-05 12:00|| Front Page Top

#19 Well, wonder what Hillary is thinking about Queen Pelosi? Hillary sees her role as Queen of the World with King Bill.

And just imagine, Hillary in the WH and Queen Pelosi (shadow president role she has assumed) as Speaker of the House.

Would Pres Hillary, say "NO, NO Nancy, you can't go!"

Just wondern', yaknow.
Posted by Sherry">Sherry  2007-04-05 13:00||   2007-04-05 13:00|| Front Page Top

#20 Omar from Bagdad at Pajamas Media:

These were roughly the words in a leaflet the “mujahideen” distributed in Adhamiya a few days ago.

“Evacuate all houses in the area around the Americans’ base for we shall attack it soon… Those occupiers will soon be gone from this land. Who will protect you then?”

Dhimmicrat plan is already bearing fruit.
Posted by Galactic Coordinator Whineper8595 2007-04-05 13:18||   2007-04-05 13:18|| Front Page Top

#21 Christ allmighty, save us from useless nitwits useful idiots.

There, fixed that for ya, JohnQC. Uncle Joe would be so proud.

All, thank you for your support. I haven't been able to vote the Democratic ticket for many years now. Clinton's re-election was what snapped the twig for me. I simply could not vote for the lieing immoral bastard.

Pelosi represents everything that is wrong with modern politicians. Power for power's sake. No thought given to this country's actual welfare. Instead she consorts with our very worst enemies in an orgy of self-aggrandizement. That there isn't a single Democrat who can stand up and call her on this treason is bad enough. That the Republicans aren't screaming bloody murder over this shows that their own moral compass is becoming demagnetized as well.

Somewhere, someone in our government should be calling a spade a spade. No one is and it is one of the most cynical and disgusting turn of events in recent American political history.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 14:51||   2007-04-05 14:51|| Front Page Top

#22 Third in line to the presidency....
Posted by Anguper Hupomosing9418 2007-04-05 14:56||   2007-04-05 14:56|| Front Page Top

#23 Zenster, like JohnQC said, do not abondon hope.

Despite having been a life-long Republican, I have, on occasion, voted for a Democrat whom I knew personally or had met and felt deserved that vote because of their stance on various matters. I made it clear to those individuals (few and far between though they have been) what my vote was and what it meant.

Believe it or not, there are good people on both sides of the aisle. I've met and run against Ellen Tauscher, but I've made it personally clear to her that while we might be on opposite sides, party-wise, she is not my enemy (much as I might hate to say it, Tauscher's actually a pretty nice person in person and her politics, up until recently, have been decidedly Blue Dog conservative Democrat - though her stances on taxes leave much to be desired).

Vote your conscience, and review the facts on each candidate. Do not vote straight party-line if you feel, in your heart and after having reviewed the candidtes and their stands, that someone on the other side is a better.

You betray only yourself if you do otherwise.

Posted by FOTSGreg">FOTSGreg  2007-04-05 15:05||]">[]  2007-04-05 15:05|| Front Page Top

#24 Zenster, there should be a place in any democracy for a loyal opposition but the Democrat party ain't it because they ain't loyal. Nancy Pelosi has just sunk to Jane Fonda's level with that little scarf or whatever it is on her head being the equivalent of Hanoi Jane posing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. Whatever you thought about our involvement in Vietnam, you had to be shocked by what Fonda did unless you were a communist anti-American. It's the same with Pelosi. She must know that scarf symbolizes the oppression of women by men whose goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. She must know that she is encouraging our enemies. No matter what you think about our involvement in Iraq you must know that these people are Nancy's enemies as well as ours and that her little visit isn't going to change that. But she is willing to wear it because she hates George Bush and she hates America. It's one thing to disagree with the president but it's quite another to hate him that badly and to be so jealous of his office that she's willing to suck up to Assad and those other monsters who would kill us all if they could. This isn't just bad judgement. It's anti-American. What's really disturbing is that even this depravity will not be enough to keep the voters of San Francisco from re-electing her.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2007-04-05 16:14||   2007-04-05 16:14|| Front Page Top

#25 "Well, wonder what Hillary is thinking about Queen Pelosi?"

This will be a problem for a Rodham-Clinton. But I will go further - Pelosi taking this kind of role in foreign affairs would prove a problem for an Obama presidency as well. This wouldnt be the first time there was tension between congressional dems and a dem white house, but ususally it was over domestic policy.
Posted by liberalhawk 2007-04-05 16:38||   2007-04-05 16:38|| Front Page Top

#26 She must know that scarf symbolizes the oppression of women by men whose goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. She must know that she is encouraging our enemies. No matter what you think about our involvement in Iraq you must know that these people are Nancy's enemies as well as ours and that her little visit isn't going to change that.

Bingo, Ebbang Uluque. How Pelosi can voluntarily participate in the universal degradation of all womankind reveals a level of depravity and overall betrayal of her gender that defies explanation. Her craven pursuit of political power almost manages to make Hillary Clinton look like a slacker.

I've slept on this overnight and spent hours this morning and afternoon mulling this over and my gorge still rises filled with bile at the thought of this treason. I am beyond outrage and imbued with a fury that will not subside. Fortunately, I do not suffer from hypertension or I'd probably have a stroke.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 17:07||   2007-04-05 17:07|| Front Page Top

#27 "She must know that scarf symbolizes the oppression of women by men whose goal is the destruction of Western Civilization. She must know that she is encouraging our enemies."

She knows.

She doesn't care.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2007-04-05 17:13||]">[]  2007-04-05 17:13|| Front Page Top

#28 By the way, the articles on Speaker Traitor Pelosi are in the wrong category.

They belong in "WOT Operations" - since she's operating for the other side.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2007-04-05 17:15||]">[]  2007-04-05 17:15|| Front Page Top

#29 You know, the longer I think about this, the more I'm coming to believe that a) she truly didn;t know because she's such a clueless klutz, b) that someone on her team knew, but didn't say anything to her because they were worried about offending the Muslims, and c) once she was informed, if she was informed ever, she decided to go through with it anyway so as to not offend the Muslims.

Any way you cut it, and with the photos, Nancy ends up looking like the clueless political whore and hack she truly is.

Posted by FOTSGreg">FOTSGreg  2007-04-05 18:03||]">[]  2007-04-05 18:03|| Front Page Top

#30 Pelosi wins endorsements of Al Aksa, PIJ and Hamas!

Posted by Red Dog">Red Dog  2007-04-05 18:42||   2007-04-05 18:42|| Front Page Top

#31 FOTSGreg; Nancy ends up looking like the clueless political whore and hack she truly is.

Posted by Red Dog">Red Dog  2007-04-05 18:58||   2007-04-05 18:58|| Front Page Top

#32 Oh my, same "dhimmi-do-rag" for the Sauds.. not exactly Evita's Rainbow tour.
I wonder what kind of communications bubble she is in on this trip with Damascus Nancy dominating the radio and blogs. I bet her blackberry on vibrate is giving her "tingly feelings" in her loins.
Eww... grossed myself out.
Posted by Capsu78 2007-04-05 19:03||   2007-04-05 19:03|| Front Page Top

#33  bet her blackberry on vibrate is giving her "tingly feelings" in her loins.
Eww... grossed myself out.

eerruuup..gag reflex... uuuulppbBBaarrffF
Posted by Red Dog">Red Dog  2007-04-05 19:21||   2007-04-05 19:21|| Front Page Top

#34 > Pelosi is a nitwit who is easily duped

No, Pelosi is an opportunist who will do anything including consorting with this country's mortal enemies if she thinks it will increase her own personal power.
Posted by DMFD 2007-04-05 20:21||   2007-04-05 20:21|| Front Page Top

#35 Did anyone else notice that the gentleman's wrap is an exquisite gold-embroidered peach organza? As for the honourable Representative Pelosi, when she wears a scarf it's a fashion statement, unconnected to what it means to those watching.
Posted by trailing wife 2007-04-05 20:25||   2007-04-05 20:25|| Front Page Top

#36 Pelosi is an opportunist who will do anything including consorting with this country's mortal enemies if she thinks it will increase her own personal power.

End of story, DMFD.
Posted by Zenster">Zenster  2007-04-05 21:06||   2007-04-05 21:06|| Front Page Top

#37 Nancy Pelosi and CAIR
Posted by Alaska Paul">Alaska Paul  2007-04-05 21:28||   2007-04-05 21:28|| Front Page Top

#38 Oops! Poor button discipline. Dems are cozying up to CAIR. The 'hos need votes.

Check out FrontPage magazine article, Nov. 13, 2006:

The Money Paragraph on Pelosi:
Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, who is likely to be the next House Speaker, has announced her intention to “correct the Patriot Act” and wants to criminalize scrutiny of Muslims at airports and elsewhere: “Since September 11, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports and other locations based upon their religion and national origin. We must make it illegal.” Since religion is the one factor that the jihadists themselves invariably point to as the motivation for their violent actions, Pelosi is calling upon investigators to ignore the single most important key to understanding jihadist strategy and goals. If she gets her way, any Muslim who is searched at an airport at any time will be able to claim that he is being illegally profiled; a law criminalizing searches of Muslims at airports would have a chilling effect upon any effort to investigate jihad terror activity in the Muslim community.

From July 30, 2004 Dhimmi Watch:

A press release from CAIR:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Congressman John D. Dingell (D-MI), Congressman John Conyers (D-MI), Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY), and other Congressional Democrats were joined yesterday by national leaders of the Muslim American community in a roundtable discussion on issues of mutual concern to Democrats and Muslim Americans.

Posted by Alaska Paul">Alaska Paul  2007-04-05 21:40||   2007-04-05 21:40|| Front Page Top

#39 Oops! Poor button discipline

Reason #41 why AP doesn't do fire control any more...
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2007-04-05 22:24||   2007-04-05 22:24|| Front Page Top

#40 "Islam is the NEW GIANT of the world" > don't tell RUSSIA-CHINA that. OTOH, FOX & FRIENDS > are in rough agreement that the EU's image as RELIABLE ALLIES = NATIONS WILLING TO FIGHT RADICAL TERROR EVEN BY AND FOR THEMSELVES looks very bad/lousy for their NOT coming out in overt support of Britain andor the USA after Iran's seizure of Brit sailors. Although Iran gener got what it wanted, and its position hasn't really been affected = changed vv USA-Brit, IRAN CAME OFF LOOKING MUCH BETTER THAN THE [non-Brit]EUROS.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2007-04-05 23:55||   2007-04-05 23:55|| Front Page Top

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