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2012-08-17 Africa North
Who lost Egypt?
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Posted by tipper 2012-08-17 03:54|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6464 views ]  Top

#1 Since 9/11 the West has created an incentive structure that actually rewards islamofascistic movements and regimes. The Egyptian voters paid attention and acted rationally.

On 9/11 2001 President Bush said "We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them."

The objective of Operation Infinite Justice was according to President Bush to make the Taliban "share in their (the terrorists') fate."

Actual US and Western policy however has never followed these principles.
US and Western policy vis-a-vis islamofascistic regimes and peoples has consisted of paying Danegeld (reconstruction aid) and ritualistic self-debasing submission.

The question shouldn't be "Who lost Egypt?" but "Why don't the Egyptians fear the consequences of an islamofascistic takeover? Why is deterrence failing?"
Posted by Vernal Smith2782 2012-08-17 06:35||   2012-08-17 06:35|| Front Page Top

#2 Mubarak lost Egypt - not the US.

By not having a credible successor chosen 10 years ago.

By allowing (maybe even encouraging) raging corruption.

Posted by lord garth 2012-08-17 07:56||   2012-08-17 07:56|| Front Page Top

#3 Mubarak simply forgot what had happened to Sadat.

Oct 7, 1981

Among the attackers were a lieutenant, an army major and four enlisted men. Three of these were killed by the other members of the military and the rest were arrested, later identified as Islamist nationalists, associates of Muslim Brotherhood operating under Islamic Jihad.

The group leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri was identified to have ties with al-Qaeda. He was imprisoned for three years, tried and subsequently expelled from Egypt. These Islamic radicals were offended by Sadat’s peace-making efforts with Israel and accused him of apostasy and killed him on the day when he was celebrating his country’s perceived victory over Israel.
Posted by Besoeker 2012-08-17 08:12||   2012-08-17 08:12|| Front Page Top

#4 Egypt was no more ours to lose than China. These people get to choose their own way, just as we do. If they choose badly, they pay a much higher price than we.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2012-08-17 09:11||   2012-08-17 09:11|| Front Page Top

#5 My Mom lost it on one of our many moves.
Posted by Perfesser 2012-08-17 22:19||   2012-08-17 22:19|| Front Page Top

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