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2012-12-11 Science & Technology
Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay
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Posted by tipper 2012-12-11 13:29|| || Front Page|| [336101 views ]  Top

#1 I thought it was show tunes...
Posted by tu3031 2012-12-11 17:39||   2012-12-11 17:39|| Front Page Top

#2 Well, it couldn't be strictly genetic or else it would weed itself out of the population over time, and the greater a society's acceptance of gays the quicker they would disappear.

The really interesting thing, of course, is the possibility of a 'cure.' If you know what epigenetic changes cause the trait, you could potentially create a treatment to prevent / reverse it. So, how long until we see state laws proposed to outlaw curing homosexuality?
Posted by Iblis 2012-12-11 18:16||   2012-12-11 18:16|| Front Page Top

#3 I read a publication a few years ago that spoke of possible genetic links to homosexuality. It was picked up by the gay community as proof that there was no "choice" in the matter. Then, just as fast, the hand wringing began about the possibilities of genetic "cures" for homosexuality through so called designer babies and the fear that gays would be selected against by parents. This article makes more sense that it would be from a change in gene expression rather than the underlying DNA.
Posted by Lowspark 2012-12-11 19:17||   2012-12-11 19:17|| Front Page Top

#4 Yeah. What Iblis just said. Guess I should read previous comments before posting.
Posted by Lowspark 2012-12-11 19:23||   2012-12-11 19:23|| Front Page Top

#5 Interesting. Now if they can just figure out why people are Democrats...
Posted by SteveS 2012-12-11 19:53||   2012-12-11 19:53|| Front Page Top

#6 Now that's just gay.

Sorry... had to say it.
Posted by DarthVader 2012-12-11 20:41||   2012-12-11 20:41|| Front Page Top

#7 No. It's because of an atrophied amygdala.
Posted by gorb 2012-12-11 21:27||   2012-12-11 21:27|| Front Page Top

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