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2019-06-15 Home Front: Culture Wars
Red on red - Radical Feminist attacked by Trans Activist who tried to silence her. Ironic twist: comes crying to Quillette, a free speech platform, to complain.
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Posted by  Herb McCoy 2019-06-15 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6508 views ]  Top

#1 Plastics vs Organics
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-06-15 08:14||   2019-06-15 08:14|| Front Page Top

#2 Now that's funny right there, I don't care who you are.

At least I learned what a terf is. 8^P
Posted by AlanC 2019-06-15 08:44||   2019-06-15 08:44|| Front Page Top

#3 As I've said before, the LGBT movement probably originated in the idle minds of entrenched communists and actuated some dumb mothers into activism for their darling boys. They grafted their cause into the feminist movement, and gradually hijacked it.

Today the LGBT thing overshadows the feminist thing. Even the genuine movement for emancipation and safety of women in a man's world has been brushed aside by mamma's boys and attention seeking mentally ill narcissists. The feminists still fought with womanly grace and dignity (even if such a fight itself is pointless). They fought for a society in which sex did not decide authority or preferential treatment and where men could not treat them as unequals.

The LGBTSQSVRwhatevers fight like aggressive men for preferential treatment. Because they are basically... well, men. It's unfortunate to see so many dumb women marching rank and file into a social conflict that ultimately unfairly empowers only men in the end. Men with penises surgically altered (yeeugh!) or wearing pantyhose, women with more testosterone in them than Schwarzenegger, all weirdos but mainly men.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-06-15 10:08||   2019-06-15 10:08|| Front Page Top

#4 ..prostate vs non-prostates.
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-06-15 10:47||   2019-06-15 10:47|| Front Page Top

#5 Defining deviancy down.

AKA normalizing mental illness.

The left at work.
Posted by AlanC 2019-06-15 11:57||   2019-06-15 11:57|| Front Page Top

#6 The comments are a gold mine of people taking the piss out of the writer for utter hypocrisy. A couple of other feminists show up and start calling everyone misogynists and get their asses handed to them by cold, rational arguments. It's hilarious. An hour well spent.
Posted by Herb McCoy  2019-06-15 13:30||   2019-06-15 13:30|| Front Page Top

#7 Another Terfwar.
Posted by Skidmark 2019-06-15 17:03||   2019-06-15 17:03|| Front Page Top

#8  Another Terfwar.

Pity we can't just shoot them all into space where they could be (wait for it...) Astro-Terf.
Posted by SteveS 2019-06-15 17:25||   2019-06-15 17:25|| Front Page Top

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