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2004-12-03 Israel-Palestine
Barghuti Palestinian presidency probably unfeasible: Powell
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Posted by Steve White 2004-12-03 12:22:50 AM|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6467 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 This may surprise RBers, but Israel will almost certainly release him if he is elected. And my money is on him winning. Opinion polls put him way ahead of Abbas. If he does win it will be a severe embarassment to Paleo supporters like the Europeans.
Posted by phil_b 2004-12-03 12:58:41 AM||   2004-12-03 12:58:41 AM|| Front Page Top

#2 Barghuti Palestinian presidency probably unfeasible: Powell

Posted by Bomb-a-rama 2004-12-03 1:01:48 AM||   2004-12-03 1:01:48 AM|| Front Page Top

#3 Israel will almost certainly release him if he is elected.

With or without a beeper in his butt?
Posted by mojo  2004-12-03 1:16:08 AM||   2004-12-03 1:16:08 AM|| Front Page Top

#4 With or without a beeper in his butt?

LOL. That should be enough to disqualify him as a viable candidate. He can't be trusted now. You've ruined it for him :)
Posted by Rafael 2004-12-03 1:20:38 AM||   2004-12-03 1:20:38 AM|| Front Page Top

#5 The Israelis could let Barghuti go after fitting him with a non-removable explosive vest, remotely activated, set on a timer, and with a tamper=proof feature that explodes if messed with. Barghuti would be a walking time bomb, nobody would come near him. Jack the Leper, heh heh heh.
Posted by Alaska Paul  2004-12-03 1:40:01 AM||   2004-12-03 1:40:01 AM|| Front Page Top

#6 Phil:

Israel will almost certainly release him if he is elected

I haven't read anything to that effect. Why do you say that? Israel's policy is never to forgive murderers -- and the guy is serving 5 life sentences.
Posted by PlanetDan  2004-12-03 8:39:18 AM||   2004-12-03 8:39:18 AM|| Front Page Top

#7 If Barghuti is elected, there will be an enormous pressure (and I don't mean EUros)on Israel to release him.
The whole story illustrates the need to introduce death penalty into Israeli law.
Posted by gromgorru  2004-12-03 9:04:06 AM||   2004-12-03 9:04:06 AM|| Front Page Top

#8 I don't think they would release him. It would be like releasing a rabid dog. It might serve them right, but that danger extends far beyond just those who deserve it.
Posted by 2b 2004-12-03 9:04:22 AM||   2004-12-03 9:04:22 AM|| Front Page Top

#9 I imagine he will appoint his Cabinet from amongst his fellow jailbirds, as well. Mahmoud the Jailbird Weasel becomes Mahmoud, Minister of Waste Management.
Posted by Seafarious  2004-12-03 10:29:20 AM||   2004-12-03 10:29:20 AM|| Front Page Top

#10 I would agree with phil_b on releasing him.

If he's what the Paleos want, then there won't be peace no matter who gets to be the new duce. Better to have an out and out bad man as leader of your enemy than some slimey, two faced, weasle who knows how to manipulate the media while sticking a shiv in your back.

And since the result will be the same, why waste chips fighting with the Europeans about whether he gets the job or not. Just finish the fence. Israel now has the tactics to pound the Paleos till the cows come home. Tell the Euros that if he starts shooting again, he won't be kept on life support in Ramalah like Arafish. That'd be a lot cheaper than keeping him in jail for another 30 years.
Posted by Mrs. Davis 2004-12-03 10:57:12 AM||   2004-12-03 10:57:12 AM|| Front Page Top

#11 You might be right.
Posted by 2b 2004-12-03 11:02:56 AM||   2004-12-03 11:02:56 AM|| Front Page Top

#12 Debka always claimed keeping him in the slam was to protect him and increase his popularity amongst the pals. A deep laid Jooo plot in other words.
Posted by Shipman 2004-12-03 11:31:20 AM||   2004-12-03 11:31:20 AM|| Front Page Top

#13 What is a paleo?
Posted by legolas 2004-12-03 12:07:02 PM||   2004-12-03 12:07:02 PM|| Front Page Top

#14 A Paleo is a human being that was ossified in the 7th Century but lives in the 21st Century near Syria, Jodan, Israel, and Egypt.
Posted by 2b 2004-12-03 12:12:40 PM||   2004-12-03 12:12:40 PM|| Front Page Top

#15 roger that ...
Posted by legolas 2004-12-03 12:23:03 PM||   2004-12-03 12:23:03 PM|| Front Page Top

#16 And seethes a lot.
Posted by Seafarious  2004-12-03 12:23:33 PM||   2004-12-03 12:23:33 PM|| Front Page Top

#17 And tries to emulate Paleolithic people, but doesn't have the smarts to make it happen. Hence, they remain always Paleostinians. They have a leadership problem, 'nuff said.
Posted by Alaska Paul  2004-12-03 1:20:30 PM||   2004-12-03 1:20:30 PM|| Front Page Top

#18 Paleos are a funny bunch. They choose the most despicable of the lot to be their "leaders," whose job it is to convince the youngest and most gullible that they should kill themselves. Then, these "leaders," in order to protect themselves, hide amongst the people they "serve."

The one hallmark of paleos is self-deception" although it manifests in different ways:

1. "We will push the joooooos into the sea"
2. "We will bring the joooooos to their knees by blowing up their children"
3. "We are peaceloving -- it's the jooooooos who are terrorists"
Posted by PlanetDan  2004-12-03 6:18:19 PM||   2004-12-03 6:18:19 PM|| Front Page Top

#19 This may surprise RBers, but Israel will almost certainly release him if he is elected.

While this may possibly be the case, it is more akin to how gamekeepers release pheasants right before their clients take the field.
Posted by Zenster 2004-12-03 11:29:24 PM||   2004-12-03 11:29:24 PM|| Front Page Top

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