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2013-02-05 Home Front: Politix
Going to Court in the Allen West Contest
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Posted by g(r)omgoru 2013-02-05 04:08|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6481 views ]  Top

#1 Romney showed up to a gun fight without a weapon. Whether you like it or not, negative campaigning works. You got to be just as nasty and ugly as your opponent when they've reduced it all to the full time pursuit and retention of power for power sake.
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-02-05 08:40||   2013-02-05 08:40|| Front Page Top

#2 Respectfully disagree P2k. George Patton and Ben Franklin would have been defeated. The numbers are wrong. Demographics matter.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-02-05 08:44||   2013-02-05 08:44|| Front Page Top

#3 Demographics do matter, but not so much when voters won't turn out for you. Romney inspired Karl Rove, some Rockefeller types and Mormons -- and no one else.

The good news is that we could have a very big 2014, especially without a RINO headliner dragging down the whole ticket. Rove knows this, which is why he is working today to keep Tea Party types from even fielding candidates.
Posted by Iblis 2013-02-05 10:41||   2013-02-05 10:41|| Front Page Top

#4 Could be Iblis, and may also confirms that the "uninspired" get what they deserve.
Posted by Besoeker 2013-02-05 11:08||   2013-02-05 11:08|| Front Page Top

#5 B -

It's not a new problem. At the time of the revolution, about 1/3 of the population wanted independence, 1/3 wanted the crown and 1/3 didn't care. The job of the two opposing sides is to convince the middle.

Today we are calling the middle "low information" voters, but it is just as accurate to call them "highly emotional" voters. They get scared easily. They also get excited easily. But they will never, ever get excited about a candidate who doesn't excite his own base. How often does a candidate win based on not being as terrible as the other guy? It's a losing strategy.
Posted by Iblis 2013-02-05 11:30||   2013-02-05 11:30|| Front Page Top

#6 Perhaps. But every damned person who stayed home because Romney didn't excite them, while knowing full well what was at stake, owns the outcome of this past election.

And every damned consequence of that outcome.
Posted by lotp 2013-02-05 14:07||   2013-02-05 14:07|| Front Page Top

#7 The squishy middle doesn't care. Blame them all you like. They don't care. They are barely conscious of anything going on aside from Glee.
Posted by Iblis 2013-02-05 18:12||   2013-02-05 18:12|| Front Page Top

#8 Whas Glee?
Posted by KBK 2013-02-05 18:41||   2013-02-05 18:41|| Front Page Top

#9 What lotp said. :-(
Posted by Barbara 2013-02-05 20:15||   2013-02-05 20:15|| Front Page Top

#10  What lotp said.

Yeah, but with more bile, lots of spittle and a big WTF, AMERICA?
Posted by SteveS 2013-02-05 20:58||   2013-02-05 20:58|| Front Page Top

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