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2021-02-15 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Florida Is a COVID Nightmare‚ÄźEven for Vaccinated People
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Posted by Besoeker 2021-02-15 08:33|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6524 views ]  Top

#1 Yes, Florida, Georgia, Alabama.... all "nightmares." DON"T COME HERE !
Posted by Besoeker 2021-02-15 08:35||   2021-02-15 08:35|| Front Page Top

#2 that describes a nightmare that is purely self-created. nothing that is particular to Florida
Posted by Bob Grorong1136 2021-02-15 08:43||   2021-02-15 08:43|| Front Page Top

#3 Oh the humanity, we need more hospitals and medical supplies. It is a nightmare, stay away from Florida, no matter what you are told!
Posted by Wizski  2021-02-15 08:45||   2021-02-15 08:45|| Front Page Top

#4 The Covidians will wet their panties 24-7 forever. The rest of us will move on.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-02-15 09:12||   2021-02-15 09:12|| Front Page Top

#5 I have no idea the name but I remember a science fiction short story with a group of germaphobic observers watching a group of normal people. They were dirty, filthy and decon after a trip outside took like 3 hours a day. Then the main character's suit rips and he discovers that nothing happens. Since they wouldn't let him back inside, he eats the food, drinks the water and still nothing happens and low and behold it's all been lies told to keep them contained and restricted.
Posted by Silentbrick 2021-02-15 09:17||   2021-02-15 09:17|| Front Page Top

#6 Where is Knoxsville, Tennessee?
Posted by Raj 2021-02-15 09:38||   2021-02-15 09:38|| Front Page Top

Posted by Besoeker 2021-02-15 09:42||   2021-02-15 09:42|| Front Page Top

#8 I moved on along time ago murcek
Posted by Chris 2021-02-15 09:55||   2021-02-15 09:55|| Front Page Top

#9 Does anyone know the address of the snowflakes cited in the article? I have a meteor deflection hat I'd like to sell them.
Posted by jack salami 2021-02-15 10:28||   2021-02-15 10:28|| Front Page Top

#10 Everyone who isn't me is out to kill me, so I'll spend the rest of my life locked in my room.

Yeah, no mental health costs at all.
Posted by swksvolFF 2021-02-15 10:51||   2021-02-15 10:51|| Front Page Top

#11 Naaa, they just follow

like most old people do,
Watch out, Sonny !
Posted by Snakes McGurque6035 2021-02-15 11:26||   2021-02-15 11:26|| Front Page Top

#12 Where is Knoxsville, Tennessee?

Posted by Zorba Grumble4343 2021-02-15 11:30||   2021-02-15 11:30|| Front Page Top

#13 Florida is one of the BEST places, with far lower deaths than NY and California.

But these leftards have to keep up the constant drumbeat of FEAR FEAR FEAR in the press for their dupes- otherwise, people might start looking and thinking for themselves, and they realize they have been lied to by the leftist press, and the whole thing collapses on their pointy Progressive Socialista fascist heads.

I'll gladly supply the rope when the time comes to hold these "journalists" Like Tina Brown (publisher of the Daily Beast) aaccountable.
Posted by Deadeye Jaiting7534 2021-02-15 18:07||   2021-02-15 18:07|| Front Page Top

#14 Mattis turned out to be a swamp creature after all. What a shame.
Posted by Deadeye Jaiting7534 2021-02-15 18:08||   2021-02-15 18:08|| Front Page Top

#15 Mil above a certain level have to be political to influence/survive. Some go over the national interest
Posted by Frank G 2021-02-15 19:57||   2021-02-15 19:57|| Front Page Top

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