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2021-02-15 Home Front: Politix
John Brennan says senators who didn't vote to impeach 'should forever hang their heads in shame'
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Posted by Besoeker 2021-02-15 14:18|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6559 views ]  Top

#1 Who cares what this ex-Commie thinks?
Posted by Thineger Sproing6704 2021-02-15 15:22||   2021-02-15 15:22|| Front Page Top

#2 I stopped falling for guilt trips when I was thirteen. Most rational adults don't buy it either.
Posted by Raj 2021-02-15 15:28||   2021-02-15 15:28|| Front Page Top

#3 This guy was likely born with a micro dick, so he probably's been this way his entire life.
Posted by Thrick Snolung1836 2021-02-15 15:30||   2021-02-15 15:30|| Front Page Top

#4 There’s talk that Sarah Palin might run against Senator Murkowski in 2026, which would be great fun to watch.
Posted by trailing wife 2021-02-15 15:53||   2021-02-15 15:53|| Front Page Top

#5 Talk about someone who should hang [his head in shame]...
Posted by CrazyFool 2021-02-15 16:12||   2021-02-15 16:12|| Front Page Top

#6 "Who cares what this ex-Commie thinks?"

FTFY, #1 TS 6704. :-D
Posted by Barbara 2021-02-15 16:28||   2021-02-15 16:28|| Front Page Top

#7 Possibly, but where does that leave him?
Posted by Cesare 2021-02-15 16:36||   2021-02-15 16:36|| Front Page Top

#8 Brennan should hang his head in a noose.
Posted by Deadeye Jaiting7534 2021-02-15 17:13||   2021-02-15 17:13|| Front Page Top

#9 Who else is there in Alaska to take down machine-pol crony-pal Lisa "I inherited this seat from my daddy" Murkowski?

Gotta be someone better than Palin.
Posted by Deadeye Jaiting7534 2021-02-15 17:16||   2021-02-15 17:16|| Front Page Top

#10 Brennan should hang.
Posted by DarthVader 2021-02-15 17:44||   2021-02-15 17:44|| Front Page Top

#11 Vor deinen Thron tret' ich hiermit,
Und hier I'll stand and sing a bit,
And hang my head, for who should not?
But fifteen verses? Lieber Gott!

Could not this hymn be somewhat shorter?
[loud agreement] "Order! Order!
Another outburst of that sort
And I shall clear this Himmelcourt!"

"Now, granted, five was prolly plenty...
But then again, I might give twenty
Were all mankind like Marx or Lennon,
So... five for you, plus ten for Brennan."
Posted by Maggie Hupomp2614 2021-02-15 18:08||   2021-02-15 18:08|| Front Page Top

#12 What on earth is that about, Maggie Hupomp2614? The trailing daughters learnt English and German at the same time as toddlers, and both went through a wonderful mixed vocab/mixed grammar stage, so it took me some lines to realize you’d switched. But that was absolutely wonderful!
Posted by trailing wife 2021-02-15 23:33||   2021-02-15 23:33|| Front Page Top

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