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2006-03-07 Home Front: Politix
Dems Conflicted on 'Message'
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Posted by Bobby 2006-03-07 04:54|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [436 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 On issues such as explaining that former lobbyist Jack Abramoff's work "was a 110 percent Republican operation," Cooper said, "we're not making nearly as much headway as we should." Abramoff has pleaded guilty in a corruption scandal.
Hard to do that when 50% of the senators involved were Democrats, including Reid himself.
Posted by Ptah">Ptah  2006-03-07 08:38||]">[]  2006-03-07 08:38|| Front Page Top

#2 PIMF = Pelosi is my friend.
Posted by Matt 2006-03-07 08:58||   2006-03-07 08:58|| Front Page Top

#3 "By the time the election rolls around, people are going to know where Democrats stand."

Reid neglected to clarify that he was referring to the 2012 election.
Posted by DepotGuy 2006-03-07 09:14||   2006-03-07 09:14|| Front Page Top

#4 News about GOP political corruption, inept hurricane response and chaos in Iraq has lifted Democrats' hopes of winning control of Congress this fall. But seizing the opportunity has not been easy, as they found when they tried to unveil an agenda of their own.

But wait, this is the Democrats message and their agenda- get the press to ignore Dem failures and lay all blame for everything, every storm, every death, every single person who hasn't got a jet in their garage, on the GOP. They just don't understand why it isn't working.
Posted by 2b 2006-03-07 09:23||   2006-03-07 09:23|| Front Page Top

#5 "By the time the election rolls around, people are going to know where Democrats stand."
We can only hope. Of course, it's too much to ask that that awareness will lead to treason trials, isn't it?
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-03-07 09:34||]">[]  2006-03-07 09:34|| Front Page Top

#6 If these dingalings actually believed in anything-- other than wanting to be back in power, that is-- they wouldn't have to hold all these strategy meetings to decide what they should pretend to believe in.

Posted by Uleck Whavirt8388 2006-03-07 09:56||   2006-03-07 09:56|| Front Page Top

#7 "We will be issuing a comprehensive statement of our beliefs just as soon as we have the focus group results telling us what polls well."
Posted by Mike 2006-03-07 11:08||   2006-03-07 11:08|| Front Page Top

#8 I'm still waiting for Kos' manifesto, too. Maybe I'm just missing the nuances, but I don't understand how recycling a loser's Presidential campaign slogan is such a bright idea, either.

More and more, life imitates The Onion.
Posted by Desert Blondie 2006-03-07 11:42||]">[]  2006-03-07 11:42|| Front Page Top

#9 Appeasement, abortion, high taxes, homosexuality.

That's what some at Bros. Judd came up with.

Does that cover it?
Posted by anonymous2u 2006-03-07 12:36||   2006-03-07 12:36|| Front Page Top

#10 No, the gays are supposed to put a sock in it. That's why Tim Caine was the spokesaphobe for the Dems following the State of the Union address.

No, the real answer is "we'll figure out what's best for everyone once we regain the power again. Until then, remember Bush is bad."
Posted by Bobby 2006-03-07 12:50||   2006-03-07 12:50|| Front Page Top

#11 The call to arms for today's Democratic Party:

"Ask not what you can do for your country; demand that your country do more for you!"

Posted by Elmater Angoger6598 2006-03-07 13:00||   2006-03-07 13:00|| Front Page Top

#12 It’s a riot to watch them in ?action?. They can’t decide to be anti-Bush or pro something else (whatever that might be). IMHO the Dems are too wishy-washy to write anything down in stone and stick to it. Doing so would not allow them any wiggle room if circumstances change. As such they are not about to commit on removing troops from Iraq if there is a chance that democracy, they don’t want to be pro Gay marriage if the country clearly isn’t, and they don’t want to be anti business while the economy is humming along. In essence the Dems have painted themselves in a corner as only the “Not Bush” party but few doubt that will be enough to nationalize the congressional elections. They have to: “Show Us the Money” or the midterms will simply be an arranging of deck chairs with no power changing hands.
Posted by Cyber Sarge 2006-03-07 13:02||   2006-03-07 13:02|| Front Page Top

#13 Schumer as national security pointman? Must be a TV camera nearby. The GOP is truly lucky their opponents are Democrats. God forbid they were faced with a serious political party. Gonna get those platform planks out a week or two before the election, Chuck?
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2006-03-07 13:38||   2006-03-07 13:38|| Front Page Top

No prob - just dust off the ol' Communist Manifesto and use that. The Dems have no message or imagination beyond Marx.
Posted by macofromoc 2006-03-07 14:27||   2006-03-07 14:27|| Front Page Top

#15 #13 Frank G: "The GOP is truly lucky their opponents are Democrats. God forbid they were faced with a serious political party."

ROFL, Frank! Truer words were never spoken.

I have a modest proposal to solve our energy problems, at least in the electricity department:

1. Require the Dems to keep acting like they are (which they will, since it's natural for them).

2. Figure out how to hook up dynamos to Harry Truman's, Hubert Humphrey's, and JFK's graves, and their grave-spinning will power the entire country for years to come.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2006-03-07 14:33||]">[]  2006-03-07 14:33|| Front Page Top

#16 I read on a liberal blog how the Dems won’t roll out their message too early because the bushhitlerrovecheney cabal will undermine it before the elections. If their message is so fragile that it can’t stand criticism then they are doomed by November. But then their MO lately has been the ole bait and switch. They voted for the war but sorry they had to depose a tyrant like Saddam. They are for ending dependency of foreign oil, but they are against drilling at ANWR. They want to punish terrorists, but lets extend civil right to them, make sure we only ask them questions nicely, and make there stay in prison as comfortable as possible. They are against those people running ports but we are not profiling like the mean spirited GOPBUSHHITLER crowd. I wonder how they can make their contract appealing to middle America and their LLL moonbat fringe element? Maybe they will send them to the closet until after election like the gays?
Posted by Cyber Sarge 2006-03-07 17:56||   2006-03-07 17:56|| Front Page Top

#17 'I'd really like to vote for you guys, but I can't stand the folks I see on TV,

There is the problem. I'd be happy to vote for them if they weren't mostly all insane and apparently willing to sacrifice the security of my country for political advantage. The Democratic problem is not staying on message, it is making sense.
Posted by SteveS 2006-03-07 20:22||   2006-03-07 20:22|| Front Page Top

#18 They have their message, they just can't tell it to the voters, they'll never see power for decades.
Posted by anonymous2u 2006-03-07 21:29||   2006-03-07 21:29|| Front Page Top

#19 "WISHY WASHY" - yep, and ergo which is why they believe any and all US Lefties will automat have a place on the future USSA Amerikan Politburo and Presidium, as opposed to the more realistic and HISTORICALLT CORRECT being gulagged iff not exterminated wid all the rest of the American people iff America loses the GWOT. "Wishy Washy" means the Nazis-for-Stalinism Russians and tradit Stalinist/Maoist Chicoms will want them on their team.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2006-03-07 22:46||   2006-03-07 22:46|| Front Page Top

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