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Good morning
Posted by Fred 2010-04-20 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10795 views ]  Top

#1 Happy Birthday

ATTENTION: There are now pictures behind the pictures, rules below apply. Pictures of merit may also be attached to supplemental links.

Caution –Before opening links in this section or passing through the checkout line at the Supermarket, please have your children avert their eyes.

If the sight of scantily clad women accenting their God given and/or surgically enhanced assets offends you, proceed to the next section.

If you choose to review Rantburg on company time, it is suggested you have your resume up to date.

Gone to the Big Gam Locker in the Sky

June Storey, actress best known for playing the role as heroine in ten Gene Autry films

Nina Foch aka Erica Martin in "Executive Suite"

Edie Sedgwick, best known for being one of Andy Warhol's Muses

Living Gams

Elena Verdugo aka Consuelo Lopez on "Marcus Welby, M.D." (85)

Veronica Cartwright aka Betty Grissom in "The Right Stuff" aka Lambert in "Alien" (61)

Jessica Lange aka Carly Marshall in "Blue Sky" aka Julie Nichols in "Tootsie" (61)

Women Who Bathe

Daily Gam Shot

Carmen Electra aka Candy Fiveways "I Want Candy", Nekkid in Playboy in May 1996 (38)

Daily Gam Shot

Jasmin Wagner aka Blümchen, a multi-platinum selling pop and dance music singer, aspiring actress, model/spokesperson (30)

Summer Verona, Up and Coming star of "Short Subjects" (21)

Posted by GolfBravoUSMC 2010-04-20 00:14||   2010-04-20 00:14|| Front Page Top

#2 I believe this is where Carmen Electra got her start:

Posted by gorb 2010-04-20 05:08||   2010-04-20 05:08|| Front Page Top

#3 You mean that leg belongs to the same person as the head and arms? And is still attached to her???
Posted by Glenmore 2010-04-20 08:17||   2010-04-20 08:17|| Front Page Top

#4 I have a bit of a problem with things that are posted behind others. I would like to think of Rantburg as hard news, politics and interesting fun stuff. If it cannot be viewed at the office, it should not be on Rantburg, hidden or not. We may want to think about the photos that are posted, this site is for everyone.
Posted by Gloria 2010-04-20 08:42||   2010-04-20 08:42|| Front Page Top

#5 Veronica Cartwright also played in The Sound of Music and as Penny in Lost in Space.
Posted by Mike 2010-04-20 08:51||   2010-04-20 08:51|| Front Page Top

#6 Veronica Cartwright also played in The Sound of Music and as Penny in Lost in Space.

Nope. Penny, on Lost in Space was played by Angela Cartwright.
Posted by Secret Asian Man (Work) 2010-04-20 09:02||   2010-04-20 09:02|| Front Page Top

#7 I have a bit of a problem with things that are posted behind others. I would like to think of Rantburg as hard news, politics and interesting fun stuff. If it cannot be viewed at the office, it should not be on Rantburg, hidden or not. We may want to think about the photos that are posted, this site is for everyone.

I am reminded of the story of the elderly woman who was forced to sit in front of her TV and watch hardcore pr0n for two hours because of a "technical mistake" at the broadcast company. Of course, the woman may have been right, because the broadcast company failed to post disclaimers in big bold italic letters at the beginning of each day. It's a good thing this woman's grandchildren weren't there because they would have been forced to watch as well.
Posted by gorb 2010-04-20 09:31||   2010-04-20 09:31|| Front Page Top

#8 Gorb, your story can't be true, they either enjoyed it, or they would have turned it off.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2010-04-20 10:23||   2010-04-20 10:23|| Front Page Top

#9 I agree with Gloria. It was alright for a day or two but seems to have gone a tad overboard as its gone on. No offense GB but its old already!
Posted by yo adrian 2010-04-20 10:31||   2010-04-20 10:31|| Front Page Top

#10 Yo adrian, I didn't see your comment to me last night until just before the rollover. I have to apologize for not being nearly as clever as you thought, which is why I didn't understand your intention.
Posted by trailing wife 2010-04-20 10:39||   2010-04-20 10:39|| Front Page Top

#11 I would tend to agree. While I like the pics as much as the next guy - It's hard to explain when one is checking out the latest comments on RB and Veronica Summer (above and not behind the photo...) pops up on the screen. Some employers (and fellow employees) may object to even that.
Posted by CrazyFool 2010-04-20 10:46||   2010-04-20 10:46|| Front Page Top

#12 so a home version of the burg and a work one?
I thought the burg got banned most places for not begin PC-Correct on the WOT...
Posted by 3dc 2010-04-20 11:01||   2010-04-20 11:01|| Front Page Top

#13 Um, don't look then. Seems simple enough.
Posted by Jefferson 2010-04-20 11:03||   2010-04-20 11:03|| Front Page Top

#14 (above and not behind the photo...)

Behind? What am I missing? ;-)
Posted by Besoeker 2010-04-20 11:14||   2010-04-20 11:14|| Front Page Top

#15 TW:

I'll leave the final decision up to you.

Posted by GolfBravoUSMC 2010-04-20 12:02||   2010-04-20 12:02|| Front Page Top

#16 I'll leave the final decision up to you

That's very gallant of you, dear GolfBravoUSMC, but this is Fred's site, and therefore Fred's decision. I haven't gotten any emails on the subject since I first mentioned it here... although that's possibly because my email address delinked from my nym while I wasn't looking -- sorry about that! I just added it back, so if anyone has concerns they'd prefer not to discuss publicly, or directly with Fred, please let me know. (Private compliments are ok, too -- I'm always happy to hear how clever Fred, et al are.)
Posted by trailing wife  2010-04-20 12:46||   2010-04-20 12:46|| Front Page Top

#17 Gorb, your story can't be true, they either enjoyed it, or they would have turned it off.

Hey, these are the folks who voted heavily for Obongo despite his naive platform, impossibly soaring rhetoric and narcissitic personality.

Besides, true or probably not, it makes my point. So I am going to allow my liberal side to peek out and have some denial here. :-)

Perhaps the objection is with the photos themselves, and not necessarily what is behind the photos? I have to admit, the photos are a bit on the risque side for work. As for what is behind the photos, I can't imagine anyone objecting since they come with a very obvious warning at the head of the column. Maybe any objections come from confusion of the photo/behind-the-photo line. Maybe it is a matter of pushing off responsibility for impulse control onto GB, which is definitely an un-conservative trait.

My vote would be to tone down the photos until people don't have to look over their shoulders at work, but I think the behind-the-photo stuff is fine except for maybe not enough shots of models on bicycles.
Posted by gorb 2010-04-20 13:54||   2010-04-20 13:54|| Front Page Top

#18 I personally love the Good Morning page...maybe just have the Lady's name and url links to the applicable pic would suffice.
Posted by Broadhead6 2010-04-20 14:43||   2010-04-20 14:43|| Front Page Top

#19 Can somebody please tell me what's the matter with Summer Verona? I see no problem whatsoever with that girl.

And Besoeker, you can click on a lot of these pictures. That way GB gets double the pleasure and double the fun. But even so I see no problem with Summer Verona.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2010-04-20 16:11||   2010-04-20 16:11|| Front Page Top

#20 *I* don't have a problem with Summer either. But the person walking past my cubile / office might object and complain to HR.

Me, I like spending some time reading RB during work. And there usually isn't a problem with it as long as it doesn't dominate my time and it relieves stress. But this is a very large company and I would rather not awaken the PC-monsters.
Posted by CrazyFool 2010-04-20 16:29||   2010-04-20 16:29|| Front Page Top

Don't read Rantburg at work.

(Man, I'm a freakin' genius or something!)
Posted by Parabellum 2010-04-20 17:24||  2010-04-20 17:24|| Front Page Top

#22 Class it up a little guys....Rantburg is far too good a news site to become tedious. Maybe not reading it at work is a good idea. I think it should be acceptable reading anywhere at anytime for anyone.
As for the prude don't know, laughing out loud
Posted by Gloria 2010-04-20 18:11||   2010-04-20 18:11|| Front Page Top

#23 My two cents; it's fine, leave it alone.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2010-04-20 18:20||   2010-04-20 18:20|| Front Page Top

#24 My 2 cents. I really like GolfBravos work. However, he may have to curb it a little bit. We had a 3.3 earthquake in our area today.
Posted by JohnQC 2010-04-20 18:33||   2010-04-20 18:33|| Front Page Top

#25 Female who views Rantburg both at home and at work weighing in on this -

Here's a free clue, guys people - the pictures appear on the screen ONLY IF YOU CLICK ON THE "GOOD MORNING" POST.

If you're at work, don't click on it. Check out the other posts, of which there are plenty.

Problem solved.

There, that was easy, wasn't it? No charge.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut 2010-04-20 19:08||   2010-04-20 19:08|| Front Page Top

#26 While I enjoy the GB posts I could also live without them. I do have a problem with the rampant PC attitude that we should worry about someone else being offended by what they see looking over my shoulder.
Posted by  abu do you love  2010-04-20 19:14||   2010-04-20 19:14|| Front Page Top

#27 especially with PG-13 (at worst) content. :'/
Posted by  abu do you love  2010-04-20 19:15||   2010-04-20 19:15|| Front Page Top

#28 Good lord folks! Lighten up! If your worried about the pictures at work then you just might not be blogging while your on the clock. GB myvote is an easy one, I enjoy the cute top photos and the racey ones enbeded. While you post prom stars birthday pics, they certainly aint pron....
Posted by 49 Pan 2010-04-20 19:32||   2010-04-20 19:32|| Front Page Top

#29 My reservation about GB's posts is that I never heard of 7/8's of the ingenues he presents for our daily delectation.

And then he throws in ringers like Veronica Cartwright and I say to my self, "That sure doesn't look like Danny Thomas's daughter from Make Room for Daddy so I look her up and sure enough, she was Lumpy Rutherford's sister. But I'm the only one old enough to remember either of those shows. At least 44 states allow folks with Alzheimer's to continue to drive, even if they can't remember where they are going.

And then somebody complains about how bad the arthritis in his big toe hurts. Criminy, that's the only joint in my body that doesn't have arthritis. So now I know what I'm probably getting for my next birthday.

And now the FDA wants to regulate salt. When I was a kid I used to come home from school and open up the Morton's and pour as much as my hand would hold and lick it up. If my grandchildren do that, will they be sent to the slammer or a re-education camp. And my blood pressure is just fine. Until I read about the nanny state wanting to regulate salt right after they declare my exhalation to be a pollutant. How did they miss refined sugar?

And now somebody thinks there's a bit too much skin in GB's rotogravure section! All I can say is don't go through the archives looking at .com's comments. Wherever he is, God bless him, I know he's laughing his ass off.

Sorry for the rant, but this was the day for it and this seemed like the place. Thanks for all your work, GB. You've taught me a lot.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2010-04-20 20:04||   2010-04-20 20:04|| Front Page Top

#30 Let's see if I hear this correctly.

"Since I don't want to look at the pictures, which, when I do, requires specific action on my part, nobody else should be allowed to."

Could it be phrased?

"Since I don't want to be offended, you must change your behavior. Freedom from offense should involve no action on my part."

Haven't I heard such logic before? Isn't it called PC?
Posted by Highlander 2010-04-20 20:13||   2010-04-20 20:13|| Front Page Top

#31 We may want to think about the photos that are posted, this site is for everyone.
Posted by: Gloria

Jesus, Joseph & Mary! Yes you are right, we should think about the photos. In fact, I think about them every day. It is one of the first things I look at when I hit the 'burg in the Alto Meridian.

Are you 'Gloria' the moderator? If so, Honey, it is time to turn in the moderator credentials and get thee to a cloistered Nunnery. I'm thinking the Sisters of the Poor Clare's might need a few Novices.

Leave the GB and the pictures alone.
Posted by Secret Asian Man 2010-04-20 20:49||   2010-04-20 20:49|| Front Page Top

#32 My apologies, 'Alto Meridian' should be Ante Meridiem.
Posted by Secret Asian Man 2010-04-20 20:52||   2010-04-20 20:52|| Front Page Top

#33 Allow me to put Gloria's polite comments in context.

Gloria is rather closely related to Fred. I was about to be more specific but I'm not sure if she cares to have that made public. She is also, as has been noted, a mod. The suggestion that she turn in her mod creds is rather presumptuous. Secret Asian Man you are WAY out of line with that comment.

Gloria is speaking with an eye to the long term sustainability of this site and its ability to reach a lot of people who need to read the news and comments here.

GB could offer links rather than embedding the pics, which would give you all a chance to go peruse to your heart's content while avoiding some of the pitfalls mentioned above.
Posted by lotp 2010-04-20 21:19||   2010-04-20 21:19|| Front Page Top

#34 I agree w/Barbara - if you know what the content of "good morning" is, don't click on it while at still have another 95% of Rantburg material from which to choose from until you get home. Case closed.
Posted by Broadhead6 2010-04-20 21:33||   2010-04-20 21:33|| Front Page Top

#35 That Prince video brings back some memories. That guy is a musical and marketing genius.
Posted by OldSpook 2010-04-20 21:36||   2010-04-20 21:36|| Front Page Top

#36 Viewing at work is one small issue. Gloria raised a larger one, gently.
Posted by lotp 2010-04-20 21:49||   2010-04-20 21:49|| Front Page Top

#37 The pic Fred posted is as just as erotic as any of the pics. I mean holy cow folks, if ya dont wanna see the pics dont click on them! And yes, where is .com when we need him. This is all to PC for me.
Posted by 49 Pan 2010-04-20 22:12||   2010-04-20 22:12|| Front Page Top

#38 I know a lot of you, myself included, read this site by clicking through the links. Some, however, choose to read the site by scrolling completely down through the home page (which is basically all the links under the WoT Operations section, then when they get to the bottom they click on the WoT Background which consists of all the links under that section, and so forth. If you do this, you basically have to scroll past GB's section under the Good Morning post. This is when all GB's photos scroll by.

So it's legitimate.

Me, I know how to grab the thumb and rip past them should I choose, which I never do. But others might be pushing the little down arrow, and that may take forever. Now if they have Gloria for a boss, that may be fine, but maybe they don't.

As for the prude don't know

Aww shucks, I was just havin' a little fun with ya. It never crossed my mind. Especially now that I know you're related to Fred. ;-)
Posted by gorb 2010-04-20 22:51||   2010-04-20 22:51|| Front Page Top

#39 Some people need offending. I like to think of Ayman al Zawahiri sitting in his office in Quetta looking at Summer Verona and breaking into a real, hot lather. You know what I mean? The kind of reaction that makes him wonder if Allan is gonna strike him dead. If it raises his stress level it's a good thing. C'mon, people. The WOT is about freedom and that includes being able to look at attractive women and think romantic thoughts. Can't handle it? Go join up with Al Qaeda.

As for reading Rantburg at the office, I'm as guilty as anyone. A lot of times I'll start a rant and think better of it because I have work to do. It's called responsibility.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2010-04-20 23:59||   2010-04-20 23:59|| Front Page Top

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