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2013-02-17 Africa North
Egypt's court shuts down belly dancing channel, religious cleric
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Posted by Fred 2013-02-17 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10799 views ]  Top
 File under: Arab Spring 

#1 a whole channel for belly dancing?

Posted by lord garth 2013-02-17 00:16||   2013-02-17 00:16|| Front Page Top

#2 What's not to like? I say we give the producer and his 'talent' refugee status and a cable channel. Multicultural understanding, ya know? :D
Posted by Nero 2013-02-17 01:01||   2013-02-17 01:01|| Front Page Top

#3 a whole channel for belly dancing?

Kinda beats the daylights out of TLC, doncha think?
Posted by Pappy 2013-02-17 10:22||   2013-02-17 10:22|| Front Page Top

#4 "Egypt's court shuts down belly dancing channel, religious cleric"

If they'd actually shut down ALL their "religious clerics" they'd be a lot better off. :-(
Posted by Barbara 2013-02-17 10:32||   2013-02-17 10:32|| Front Page Top

#5 Who needs a television channel when there's the internet, in all its glory?

Oh, right. Most Egyptians don't have internet, which is why they aren't secularists, or something.
Posted by trailing wife 2013-02-17 12:01||   2013-02-17 12:01|| Front Page Top

#6 This is a popular form of entertainment. Like the Tango in Argentina. Belly dancing is popular in many countries in this part of the world. Russian belly dancers are very good for example. This is an art form to them. Hey, belly dancing is very popular here also. Good aerobic exercise.
Posted by Dale 2013-02-17 12:14||   2013-02-17 12:14|| Front Page Top

#7 The Islamo-fascist program proceeds apace. Not that it will help against the inevitable financial decline...

They just don't understand how profitable it could be, unlike some freedom-loving Lebanese. Brazzers was launched in early 2005 by Ouissam Youssef and Stephane Manos, friends at Concordia University, and Matt Keezer. While their website is managed from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the majority of their scenes and photographs are shot in Las Vegas, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida. is frequently ranked as one of the top 500 most-viewed websites on the internet.
Posted by Kojo Wholuse5660 2013-02-17 12:37||   2013-02-17 12:37|| Front Page Top

#8 #3 Pappy:
Kinda beats the daylights out of TLC, doncha think?

I was thinking more about replacing the Oxygen channel with BDC (Belly Dancing Channel). It would definitely get more eyeballs.

Posted by Frozen Al 2013-02-17 12:54||   2013-02-17 12:54|| Front Page Top

#9 "I was thinking more about replacing the Oxygen channel with BDC (Belly Dancing Channel). It would definitely get more eyeballs."

Than the Oxygen channel? You're setting a pretty low bar there, Al.
Posted by Barbara 2013-02-17 13:08||   2013-02-17 13:08|| Front Page Top

#10 is, apparently, pron. Of course it is profitable.

Belly dancing, on the other hand, is art. That it, like all forms of dance, is sensual, does not move it into the ick category.

And belly dancing already is profitable, as well as an established career path for Egyptian girls. That's why a non-government television was able to support the channel, until the Third Wayers of the Muslim Brotherhood started enforcing their narrow interpretation of Shariah.
Posted by trailing wife 2013-02-17 15:43||   2013-02-17 15:43|| Front Page Top

#11 If Egyptians become more devout, Allah will create vast oil wells under Egyptian soil, and newly-pious Egyptians can party like the Gulf state Sunnis. Hey, it worked for the Gulf Arabs...
Posted by Zhang Fei 2013-02-17 16:19||   2013-02-17 16:19|| Front Page Top

#12 If the Egyptians become more devout, and Allah creates vast lakes of oil underneath their sand...

It will all drain out via the Gaza tunnels, there to mix with the vast Gazan poo ponds, becoming both unavailable and a helath and safety threat to the populace.

Somehow Israel will apply a technology newly invented for the purpose to make money and benefit the entire region, would they only accept what she has to offer...

Which they wouldn't.
Posted by trailing wife 2013-02-17 20:45||   2013-02-17 20:45|| Front Page Top

#13 Barbara, why go to Egypt when you've got Sophie Mei
Posted by tipper 2013-02-17 21:41||   2013-02-17 21:41|| Front Page Top

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