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2013-11-03 -Land of the Free
The Slave Party is Back
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Posted by Ebbinens Crineling1930 2013-11-03 08:06|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10798 views ]  Top

#1 13th Amendment -

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

However for the 'Progressives' the invocation of the 'Commerce Clause' overrides the subsequent amendment.

Quintus Arrius: Now listen to me, all of you. You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well, and live. - Ben-Hur
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-11-03 10:54||   2013-11-03 10:54|| Front Page Top

#2 How could you not see this coming?
Posted by regular joe 2013-11-03 12:05||   2013-11-03 12:05|| Front Page Top

#3 So what difference does it make ?

People without health insurance are forced to purchase insurance through the health insurance exchanges or face a financial penalty.

Posted by Kojo Sluling1823 2013-11-03 13:32||   2013-11-03 13:32|| Front Page Top

#4 or face a financial penalty

It's not a penalty, it's a tax. Obama said he wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class but he lied. He said you could keep your insurance if you have it but he lied about that too. He's a big damn liar.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2013-11-03 14:21||   2013-11-03 14:21|| Front Page Top

#5 Let them tax as muchas they can, it just makes the non-payment much more glaring.

You gotta catch me first.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2013-11-03 14:40||   2013-11-03 14:40|| Front Page Top

#6 ...which will make the system implode like Greece. There is no real substitute for voluntary tax compliance. Why should the rich (who buy congresscritters) and the well connected get avoidance and not the proles? Teach the people to go to the gray or black economy to avoid taxes and their system spirals down.
Posted by Procopius2k 2013-11-03 14:45||   2013-11-03 14:45|| Front Page Top

#7 "The Slave Party is Back"

Honey, they never went away - they've just been better at hiding their love of owning bought & paid for Democrat voters slaves.

She'll learn.

Great Falls is in NoVa (northern Va.), so I expect she'll get elected - by people clowns who think this is a great idea. >:-(
Posted by Barbara 2013-11-03 14:55||   2013-11-03 14:55|| Front Page Top

#8 This twit gets elected and her idiotic and unconstitutional idea passes as law, it will be found that the former Great State of Virginia will be doctorless.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2013-11-03 15:22||   2013-11-03 15:22|| Front Page Top

#9 former Great State of Virginia will be doctorless

They'll import docs from Pakistan.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2013-11-03 15:27||   2013-11-03 15:27|| Front Page Top

#10 No money no Doctors. NJ has lost 3000 already. Still Insurance costs for a Doctor are still outrageous. $15000 per month is nothing to sneeze at.Pak Doctors know how to make money but with this program even they will smell the problems. Obama insurance coverage but no where to go.Even single payer will not work. EOB, this is notice we have received your request for payment. This is not a guarantee of payment of what we decide is a reasonable and customary charge. Re-submit forms with proper billing code and testing. On and on. 180 days later please re-submit forms X and Y were incomplete or missing.
Posted by Dale 2013-11-03 16:52||   2013-11-03 16:52|| Front Page Top

#11 They'll import docs from Pakistan.

EXCEPT that evil one that gave away the location of Osama. You know Osama, right? The Paks (our allies and friends) couldn't find him right across the street from their West Point. So he gets punished. "No America for YOU!"
Posted by Frank G 2013-11-03 16:56||   2013-11-03 16:56|| Front Page Top

#12 For some reason, this administration and the Donkey Party wants to make us all slaves. The old South politicos was made up of Democrats during the Civil War. It doesn't seem like they have forgotten their roots.
Posted by JohnQC 2013-11-03 17:59||   2013-11-03 17:59|| Front Page Top

#13 People without health insurance are forced to purchase insurance through the health insurance exchanges or face a financial penalty.

'Without health insurance" now includes people who had health insurance but their policies were cancelled.

So what difference does it make ?

Er, you didn't happen to work for the former Secretary of State, did you?

Posted by Pappy 2013-11-03 22:47||   2013-11-03 22:47|| Front Page Top

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