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2005-09-05 Syria-Lebanon-Iran
Saudi citizens disappear in Syria
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Posted by Anonymoose 2005-09-05 20:05|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [533 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Is it inappropriate to bust out laughing while reading this?

Because I did, and want to know if that's a bad thing.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2005-09-05 20:41||]">[]  2005-09-05 20:41|| Front Page Top

#2 It is possible that the Saudis are being kidnapped by Syrian gangs who might be selling them out to U.S. forces in Iraq under the pretext that they are fighters

Cause like, ya know, the Kingdom doesn't SEND terrorists to fight in Iraq. Evvvybuddy knows that.
Posted by Omerens Omaigum2983 2005-09-05 20:48||   2005-09-05 20:48|| Front Page Top

#3 They're dead, Jim.
Posted by Mrs. Davis 2005-09-05 20:56||   2005-09-05 20:56|| Front Page Top

#4 If Saudi Arabia bans travel to Syria, Syria's tourism dollars plummet and the economy goes into the toilet, and perhaps Sunni Islamists overthrow the existing Alawite dictatorship.* I can see why they're not doing a travel ban. Besides, Syria's borders, like Iraq's, are long and porous - there are other ways of getting into Syria apart from flying into Damascus.

* I don't think the Saudi government wants a theocracy (council of mullahs) in charge of Syria, since that might lead to similar demands in Saudi Arabia. That would sure spoil things for the 5,000-odd members of the Saudi royal family whose royal stipends would be at risk.
Posted by Zhang Fei 2005-09-05 20:58||]">[]  2005-09-05 20:58|| Front Page Top

#5 hey, Saleh? their remains fed the pigs we patrol on the border. Thanks!
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2005-09-05 22:14||   2005-09-05 22:14|| Front Page Top

#6 Thats not a bug, it's a feature.
Posted by Sock Puppet O´ Doom 2005-09-05 22:46||   2005-09-05 22:46|| Front Page Top

#7 Disapearing and re-appearing with an AK-47 in Iraq.
Posted by Ulaick Wholuck8171 2005-09-05 23:31||   2005-09-05 23:31|| Front Page Top

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