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2006-02-23 Europe
'Brains of the Barbarians' Arrested
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Posted by .com 2006-02-23 04:39|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [389 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 The "Barbarians" have brains? Who knew?
Posted by Mike 2006-02-23 06:02||   2006-02-23 06:02|| Front Page Top

#2 "'Brain' and 'brain.' What is 'Brain?'"
Posted by Jackal">Jackal  2006-02-23 08:26||]">[]  2006-02-23 08:26|| Front Page Top

#3 ... banana fanna Fofana... Shirley!
Posted by Fred 2006-02-23 09:15||   2006-02-23 09:15|| Front Page Top


Did they get Pinky too?

Posted by Vinkat Bala Subrumanian 2006-02-23 09:21||   2006-02-23 09:21|| Front Page Top

#5 The article doesn't say, so I'm guessing it must have been one of those new age anti-semetic Christians that Bernard Lewis was talking about yesterday.
Posted by 2b 2006-02-23 09:25||   2006-02-23 09:25|| Front Page Top

#6 "I don't understand. We sprayed for brains just last week!"
-- It Came From Hollywood
Posted by mojo">mojo  2006-02-23 10:36||   2006-02-23 10:36|| Front Page Top

#7 "Brains. Braaaaains . . ."
Posted by Zombie 2006-02-23 10:44||   2006-02-23 10:44|| Front Page Top

#8 More than 1,000 people, mostly Jews, marched in the capital

guess the phrench are too busy boning up on their dhimmitude to march in protest of a racist outrage perpetrated in their midst.

afraid of car fires?
Posted by PlanetDan">PlanetDan  2006-02-23 11:14||   2006-02-23 11:14|| Front Page Top

#9 Stories said non-Jewish shopkeepers from his neighborhood closed their doors and joined the march IIRC.
Posted by too true 2006-02-23 11:30||   2006-02-23 11:30|| Front Page Top

#10 "Brains! Brains! Use your brains to help us. Delicious brains!" [/Homer Simpson]
Posted by Zenster 2006-02-23 11:39||   2006-02-23 11:39|| Front Page Top

#11 "Look at me, I'm Davey Crockett"
Posted by Monty Burns">Monty Burns  2006-02-23 12:02||   2006-02-23 12:02|| Front Page Top

#12 "French ministers believe he may have been a victim of anti-Semitism."

They would have prefered to keep their heads in the ostrich hole.
Posted by Duh! 2006-02-23 12:47||   2006-02-23 12:47|| Front Page Top

#13 Times are changing... about 20 years ago, after the Carpentras jewish cemetary desacration, 300-500 000 peoples marched on the streets in protest.

Of course, then it was blamed on the far right, with the National Front in mind (desacration was much later, after real sleazy political powerplays and rumors campaigns, found out to have been made by a small gang of drunken skinheads, but I repeat myself, in "honor" of the birth/death of hitler, can't remember).

Nowadays, antisemitism comes from the left (jews = nazis) and from the victims-of-racist-society "youths" (who commit about 93% of the actuals assaults, arsons,... according to police intelligence).
Cognitive dissonance at its best.
Posted by anonymous5089 2006-02-23 13:56||   2006-02-23 13:56|| Front Page Top

#14 Haven't got me yet. Narf!!
Posted by Pinky 2006-02-23 19:12||   2006-02-23 19:12|| Front Page Top

#15 All of us barbarians have brains, Mike. Some of us even use them. This guy isn't a barbarian, he's simply an anti-Semitic Muslim bigot.

It takes both brains and brawn to be a true barbarian in a "civilized" world. The United States is lucky to have a fairly large number of people who can very quickly shed the trappings of "civilization" against those that would enslave and destroy us. It's looking more and more likely that they (we) will be needed, and soon.
Posted by Old Patriot">Old Patriot  2006-02-23 22:49||]">[]  2006-02-23 22:49|| Front Page Top

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