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2006-02-23 Home Front: WoT
El Lay Times - Rumsfeld OpEd: War in the Information Age
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Posted by .com 2006-02-23 05:22|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [465 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Someone needs to read the riot act to the NY Slimes and the Washington Compost.
Posted by doc 2006-02-23 08:07||   2006-02-23 08:07|| Front Page Top

#2 Somebody needs to stop subscribing and linking.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2006-02-23 08:12||   2006-02-23 08:12|| Front Page Top

Redacted by moderator. Comments may be redacted for trolling, violation of standards of good manners, or plain stupidity. Please correct the condition that applies and try again. Contents may be viewed in the
sinktrap. Further violations may result in
Posted by wxjames 2006-02-23 10:12||   2006-02-23 10:12|| Front Page Top

#4 We could also publicly support DoD's attempts to get our message out through friendly media ...
Posted by lotp 2006-02-23 10:21||   2006-02-23 10:21|| Front Page Top

#5 "Comments may be redacted for trolling, violation of standards of good manners, or plain stupidity."

How incredibly vague. If I were a Mod I could sink-trap 80% of the posts - on any site - under that logic.

I happen to think the readacted post of wxjames, above, was (and still is) a common and easily defended attitude - and for good reasons which can be articulated for the 10,000th time, should any of the Mods really need to hear them.

I think the comment should be reinstated and an apology issued to her / him.

I find the current wave of censureship arbitrary. That's a bad thing. Ask any parent. How about some give 'n take before pulling the trigger on a regular who hasn't called for the violent overthrow of the US Govt or the lynching of a Mod, eh?

It's rather embarrassing to see something like this whacked, when a majority here would've / could've said the same thing, but then some asstard posts unsubstantiated politically-motivated bile, but ever so politely stated, you see, and it gets a pass. Yeah, right.

This is Rantburg, is it not? I heard nothing but sucking sounds yesterday - and this isn't a very good start for today, IMHO. What's going on here?

I've been trying to be more moderate in tone - but you can bet your sweet ass it wasn't to please some fucking Mod or any PC-addled finger-wagging drone who hasn't posted an original thought ever. It was for my own peace of mind. This shit just stirs me back up again. Fucking PC twaddle. Justify your actions, on each and every event, or cease "redacting", or change the name to PCville or Burkeville or whatever actually reflects the New Whatever-It-Is.

Pfeh. This really pisses me off. I am not alone, I'd wager.
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 14:12||   2006-02-23 14:12|| Front Page Top

#6 .com: the comment suggested that we gather names and addresses of 'anti-American' journalists with the idea that 'things would right themselves in time'. It could easily be read, and indeed was meant to be read, as an incitement to violence. Please see the sinktrap for details.

I redacted the comment as opposed to banning the commenter.

We've redacted such comments before. We'll continue to do so. No apology for it, either. We will not carry comments that suggest, imply or advocate a specific call to violence.
Posted by Steve White">Steve White  2006-02-23 14:23||   2006-02-23 14:23|| Front Page Top

#7 I saw it - and concur with it.

"It could easily be read, and indeed was meant to be read, as an incitement to violence."

I say it's a prognistication that violence will come - and that the press will find itself among the targets for its many treasons. And you know what? It will. You should have read the Opinion peice from Yesterday: Gramscian Damage. It rather brilliantly identified the roots of many of the memes, such as "all violence is bad", which you are using, at least partially, to justify your action.

Not all violence is bad. Were I a tad more erudite, a man of letters, I could construct a logical sequence for you that both demonstrates this and would put you in the awkward position of choosing between violence to preserve liberty and submission. The pieces are there. The only thing missing is that such constructs as not my speciality.

In the fullness of time, many things will happen. wxjames sees this, I see this, and you see this, too. He did not call for dick, he made an observation that any one of us could have made, but perhaps using different wording.

"No apology for it, either."

LOL. Well that sums it up - the rest is just blather. See us. We make no mistakes, we never misconstrue, we never injudisciously malign, we never fuck up. Right. Bullshit, Steve. Total bullshit and you know it. You drop 20 pegs for that obvious load.

This reminds me of a sound byte from a Firesign Theater routine...
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 14:43||   2006-02-23 14:43|| Front Page Top

#8 Steve White:

I dont get it. I have seen some regulars in here
post stuff like:

"The Democratic Party is a threat to the Security of the U.S."


"The current leadership of the Democratic Party makes me want to spit"

and no dedaction or warning?

Yet if a person comes to defend against comments like that they are banned or dedacted?

Seems to me you have a double standard in here for what you call "trolling".
Posted by Common Sense 2006-02-23 15:10||   2006-02-23 15:10|| Front Page Top

#9 Ah, that's better, muddied waters by one of the players.
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 15:16||   2006-02-23 15:16|| Front Page Top

#10 .com

believe it or not, I actually agreed with your post#5.
Posted by Common Sense 2006-02-23 15:24||   2006-02-23 15:24|| Front Page Top

#11 Lol. What's that supposed to do, change my mind about you as a classic dimwitted troll who comes here for no discernible constructive purpose and merely wastes bandwidth?

Look. Go home. You're Not up to this, son.

Oh, okay - here's your shot: Read the brilliant piece I linked to in #7: Gramscian Damage. It is a serious article assessing the issues facing Freedom. You are on the wrong side of it, hence I deem you at least a tool if not a dangerous fool.

If you can read it, actually comprehend it, digest what it means, and come back here still convinced you're right, lol, then you're lying, lol.

If it gives you pause, makes you reassess, convinces you to examine the underlying memes that you prattle on about - and pull your head out of your ass, well, I'm sure I'll hear the "POP!" all the way out here in Vegas - and note the change in your posts. Then I will happily have another "dialog" with you. Until then, bite me, junior, lol.
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 15:44||   2006-02-23 15:44|| Front Page Top

#12 God a nut job shows up and kills a thread that need to proceed.

Like PD I have self moderated my commnets because it's the thoughtful and responsible thing for me to do.

My feelings are well know in respect to the "press" and the practitioners of "law" in the United States. If they are actively working to harm our society and way of government. They deserve to feel real pain. Make your own mental image of what that actually means. This image will let you know what I think should happen to government employees whom leak inteligence to the press or talk about their work should face. It would and has been sink trapped when posted here.

I usually wouldn't give Eric S. Raymond the time of day but Gramscian damage" was spot on and an important read. So is this address The Adversary Culture by Keith Windschuttle.

I am questioning some of the redactions too. But at the end of the day it's Fred's site and he can't do as he pleases but some of the moderation a of late is troubling.

Posted by Sock Puppet O' Doom 2006-02-23 15:44||   2006-02-23 15:44|| Front Page Top

#13 This, obviously, is a big issue for Rummy and hence US and company.

Any swinging dick can put some garbage out in the ME news outlets that slanders our country, our brave soldiers, and our mission.

Unlike previous wars, this war is being waged everyday in the real time news.

The MSM want it both ways, they complain when the military tries to get the truth out by using a PR firm, but they go way out of their way to slime us all.
Posted by Captain America 2006-02-23 17:13||   2006-02-23 17:13|| Front Page Top

#14 This Political Correctness crap is BULLSHIT. I'll come back when this joint turns back into RANTburg again.

And if it doesn't then, well, I guess I won't. See ya...

Posted by Dave D. 2006-02-23 17:19||   2006-02-23 17:19|| Front Page Top

#15 Off-topic or abusive comments deleted]
Posted by wxjames 2006-02-23 10:12||   2006-02-23 10:12|| Front Page Top

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