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2006-02-23 Home Front: Politix
Dem Pol pushes bill: Cops may only shoot to wound, not kill
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Posted by Psychic Friends Hotline 2006-02-23 11:38|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [414 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 Subversives, on the side of the criminals, always.

Untile THEY are in power and sneezing becomes a crime against THE PEOPLE and you get reeducation in a mental asylum if you disagree with Mao Tze Clinton.
Posted by Poitiers-Lepanto">Poitiers-Lepanto  2006-02-23 12:10||   2006-02-23 12:10|| Front Page Top

#2 Canada really hates their police force, don't they?
Posted by mmurray821 2006-02-23 12:11||   2006-02-23 12:11|| Front Page Top

#3 Sorry, misread.

The dems hate the police, don't they?
Posted by mmurray821 2006-02-23 12:11||   2006-02-23 12:11|| Front Page Top

#4 This would never fly in San Diego. Here the police shoot early and often with the full support of an admiring public. Several years ago a "homeless" man threatened a number of folks (including 7 police officers and a police dog) at a downtown McDonalds with a big stick and was shot 41 times for his trouble. The only public outcry was that in the melee, one of the officers accidently shot the police dog. People were outraged at the cruelty to animals. Lethal force reduces recidivism.
Posted by RWV 2006-02-23 12:31||   2006-02-23 12:31|| Front Page Top

#5 Ignorant twit! Cops shoot to stop--not to kill, and not to wound--simply to STOP the perp.
Posted by Dar">Dar  2006-02-23 12:32||   2006-02-23 12:32|| Front Page Top

#6 This guy has watched too much Lone Ranger. It's hard to hit the wrist in the real world.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2006-02-23 12:44||   2006-02-23 12:44|| Front Page Top

#7 Aim low! He's a voter!
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 12:45||   2006-02-23 12:45|| Front Page Top

#8 Shooting someone in the arm or leg sounds so mean and painful. We should require the cops to simply shoot the weapon out of the alleged perpetrators hand. But only after all attempts to sweet talk the presumably innocent citizen into behaving nicely have failed. [sarcastic snorting noises]
Posted by SteveS 2006-02-23 12:56||   2006-02-23 12:56|| Front Page Top

#9 "If they can do it in Hollyweird, then we can do it here, too, goshdarnit! I saw it done on Law & Order, Special Stuff Unit!"

I wonder if this would hold true if Paterson's home was invaded and he managed to get his hands on a gun after one of the invaders had dragged his pre-teen daughter off to another room...
Posted by .com 2006-02-23 13:01||   2006-02-23 13:01|| Front Page Top

#10 "I sure as hell shot to wound. What a pity the perp moved, putting his center of mass where his arm had been."

Guarantee there'd never be a conviction.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-02-23 14:02||]">[]  2006-02-23 14:02|| Front Page Top

#11 Several years ago a "homeless" man threatened a number of folks (including 7 police officers and a police dog) at a downtown McDonalds with a big stick and was shot 41 times for his trouble.

Wow, and not a peep out of Bruce Springsteen.
Posted by BH 2006-02-23 14:05||   2006-02-23 14:05|| Front Page Top

#12 Anyone who has ever received instruction in the handling of firearms knows two things:

A) Never point a weapon (loaded or unloaded) at another person unless you are willing to shoot them.

B) If you are pointing a weapon at someone you must be prepared to kill that person, whether you intend only to wound them or not.

Anyone who thinks that officers are able to choose or calibrate the level of harm inflicted by the firing of their weapons is a certifiable wingnut. An officer fires to prevent further loss of human life. At that point, the perp is posing sufficient danger to other people whereby his own life is forfeit.

Morons who are incapable of comprehending the reasoning behind such a decision chain are a danger to all around them.
Posted by Zenster 2006-02-23 14:06||   2006-02-23 14:06|| Front Page Top

#13 This guy is a danger to the public. No concept of how force is applied. The police never shoot to kill. The Police in NY should unite to run him out of office. A true TRANZI fool.
Posted by Sock Puppet O' Doom 2006-02-23 14:36||   2006-02-23 14:36|| Front Page Top

#14 Outrageous! The cop should first try a nice hug and then lead the perp and bystanders in a rousing round of Kumbaya.
Posted by DMFD 2006-02-23 15:16||   2006-02-23 15:16|| Front Page Top

#15 What? Current laws already require that an officer show cause before post incident investigators, that his life was in danger at the time of use of deadly force. Existing deterrents ensure that it is of last resort. In fact, non-lethal weapons are on the market, and many officers are trained in their use.
Posted by ToughLove Not Hate 2006-02-23 18:47||   2006-02-23 18:47|| Front Page Top

#16 In fact, non-lethal weapons are on the market, and many officers are trained in their use.

There is no such thing as a "non-lethal weapon". There are less lethal weapons.

After Cincinnati had a riot, the excuse for which was police shootings, the police started to use tasers. Then an overweight guy with a heart condition over-medicated himself with off-prescription hand-crafted pharmaceuticals and made enough of a public spectacle of himself that police were called. While trying to get him under control, a taser was used.

He had a heart attack and died.

Last I heard, the local rabble rousers were agitating against the use of tasers beause they're too dangerous.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2006-02-23 21:37||]">[]  2006-02-23 21:37|| Front Page Top

#17 Revenge of STAR-GATE, where a simple. no frills, bland Xmas Star on a similar green tree was NOT ENOUGH for Lefties in different parts of Amerikkka to complain about. NOw we have SANDOVAL's REVENGE, i.e. MARIO/GERARDO-GATE, where a San Francisco's demand that POLICE UNITS be the proper medium of response to any new terror attacks/new 9-11's > NEW YAWK wants their NY-specific, perennially cash-short State-Local-City Police responders to only wound any surreal future Osamas, NOT kill them even iff to save the lives of many, i.e. WE DON'T WANT TO INSULT ISLAM OR HURT THE TERRORISTS FEELINGS BY STOPPING THEM FROM KILLING AMERICANS!?
Posted by JosephMendiola 2006-02-23 22:46||   2006-02-23 22:46|| Front Page Top

#18 over-medicated himself with off-prescription hand-crafted pharmaceuticals

Gorgeous, Robert!
Posted by trailing wife 2006-02-23 23:17||   2006-02-23 23:17|| Front Page Top

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