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2006-03-12 Israel-Palestine-Jordan
Hamas seething over Israel's West Bank plans
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Posted by Steve White 2006-03-12 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6490 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 I think Washington should send a signal to Hamas: give the Israelis 500-600 175mm howitzers and 2000 rounds each of HE, WP, and AP, for each weapon, plus a crew of five for each weapon to teach the Israelis how to use them. Israel can deploy them anywhere they wish (opposite Ramallah?). From the heights of Jerusalem, I believe even Amman would be within range - certainly Ein-al-Hellhole and all the Gaza strip. THAT might be a signal even HAMAS couldn't confuse.
Posted by Old Patriot">Old Patriot  2006-03-12 15:57|| http://oldpatriot.]">[http://oldpatriot.]  2006-03-12 15:57|| Front Page Top

#2 Fine, then we'll settle the border issue after the war...
Posted by Danking70 2006-03-12 17:35||   2006-03-12 17:35|| Front Page Top

#3 "We will definitely change the route either east or west in accordance to internal Israeli agreement," he told the paper. "The fence that will be built ... will be the border line that will separate Israel and the Palestinians. Israelis will not live beyond the fence."

*whistle* And THERE-in lies the hard part. How many settlers will admit that "defense in depth / fighting retreat don't work in this case" > "God gave us this land"? While I'm okay with such moves by the PM for Israeli security, look at that last sentence... is it me, or is PM Olmert saying in effect that he's going to draw the people in closer together (defense in mass) but in effect cede all of that territory to the Palestinians?

I wonder what the birth rates (read: non-Arab) in Israel are versus those of Israeli Arab/Muslims, accounting for all other factors that decide which side a person born there is on? Maybe that's got something to do with it... (do a solution before Israel at some point ends up with an Arab Muslim majority -- which'd go against the "Jewish state" raison d'etat.)
Posted by Edward Yee 2006-03-12 23:46||]">[]  2006-03-12 23:46|| Front Page Top

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