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2005-11-16 International-UN-NGOs
US Given Ultimatum on Guantanamo Inspection
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Posted by Fred 2005-11-16 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [321 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1  "The situation is very clear: if the United States does not accept our conditions, we will not go...."

That's a win/win if I've ever seen one.
Posted by AzCat 2005-11-16 00:25||   2005-11-16 00:25|| Front Page Top

#2 "The situation is very clear: if the United States does not accept our conditions, we will not go."

LOL! Now there's an empty threat if I ever heard one! Next, he'll be telling us he's going to hold his breath 'til he turns blue...
Posted by PBMcL 2005-11-16 00:26||   2005-11-16 00:26|| Front Page Top

#3 Article: "The situation is very clear: if the United States does not accept our conditions, we will not go," Nowak warned.

Hokay - if you don't want to show up, we won't insist.
Posted by Elmenter Snineque1852 2005-11-16 00:48||   2005-11-16 00:48|| Front Page Top

#4 I don't think they quite grasp the subtle meaning of the customary ultimatum. This is much closer to tantrum than ultimatum, lol.
Posted by .com 2005-11-16 00:52||   2005-11-16 00:52|| Front Page Top

#5 UN: We are gving you three chances to allowm inspections. If you refuse the first two times, the next time... er.. will be three.
Posted by badanov 2005-11-16 01:10||]">[]  2005-11-16 01:10|| Front Page Top

#6 "We cannot accept the exclusion of private interviews with detainees

I'll save them the trouble. This is what the complaints will sound like: "I asked for spaghetti with marinara sauce, and all I got was noodles and ketchup".

Nevermind, they probably would get spaghetti with marinara if they asked for it.
Posted by Rafael 2005-11-16 01:22||   2005-11-16 01:22|| Front Page Top

#7 BTW, fifty bonus points for anyone who knows where that quotation came from.
Posted by Rafael 2005-11-16 01:25||   2005-11-16 01:25|| Front Page Top

#8 Most of these so-called "Human Rights" inspectors' deserve to be incarcerated at Gitmo.

Fuck 'em, without US money that don't mean shit.
Posted by Captain America 2005-11-16 03:35||   2005-11-16 03:35|| Front Page Top

#9 Just kick the fricking UN out of the US and be done with the whiners
Posted by 3dc 2005-11-16 04:13||   2005-11-16 04:13|| Front Page Top

#10 Oh just what we were afraid of, pedo, rapist UN human rights inspectors. Get real.
Posted by Sock Puppet O´ Doom 2005-11-16 05:12||   2005-11-16 05:12|| Front Page Top

#11 Oooooh, we only have until tomorrow. Tribunals and firing squads in 5, 4, 3, 2...
Posted by Darrell 2005-11-16 07:19||   2005-11-16 07:19|| Front Page Top

#12 Rafael, it's from Goodfellas.
Posted by Deacon Blues">Deacon Blues  2005-11-16 07:22||   2005-11-16 07:22|| Front Page Top

#13 The United States has until Thursday (November 17) to confirm it will allow United Nations inspectors open access to detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba

My bet is the UN's worried what the terrs will say about UN fund-raising operations.
Posted by Robert Crawford">Robert Crawford  2005-11-16 07:54||]">[]  2005-11-16 07:54|| Front Page Top

#14 Yep, right after you clean out all the crooks involved in the Oil-for-Bribes program. Considering you just reinstated with back pay the one crook you had the timidity to release, that's not going to happen soon.
Posted by Theregum Phemp7167 2005-11-16 08:41||   2005-11-16 08:41|| Front Page Top

Sorry but, as their captors we have a duty to protect them from rapist, crooks, and murderers.
Posted by CrazyFool 2005-11-16 09:10||   2005-11-16 09:10|| Front Page Top

#16 Isn't being interviewed by UNweinnies cruel and unusual punishment?
Posted by mmurray821 2005-11-16 10:36||   2005-11-16 10:36|| Front Page Top

#17 However, this is going to be a festering issue. It will be seized upon by the Dhimmicrats, and since the RINOs are wavering on the war right now, it isn't a good time to put another issue into the news cycle.

I think we need to play along for a while here: there's plenty of wiggle room on what 'open access' means, and we should work diligently -- but slowly, on as close to geologic time as we can -- to ensure that we nail down what that means.

"Why, of course we'll let you come, we just don't want to be surprised by any requests. I'm sorry, could you repeat yourselves, we don't speak French. Oh, that wasn't French? Sorry, our mistake. Could you repeat yourselves?"

I'd string this along for a while.
Posted by Steve White 2005-11-16 11:00||   2005-11-16 11:00|| Front Page Top

#18 Sure, dude....the minute the UN gives us free and unfettered access to the Oil for Food records.....

Posted by Desert Blondie 2005-11-16 11:18||]">[]  2005-11-16 11:18|| Front Page Top

#19 "Or WHAT, Hans Brix?"
Posted by mojo">mojo  2005-11-16 11:55||   2005-11-16 11:55|| Front Page Top

#20 Its NUREMBOURG iff the USA doesn't serve more veal wid dem dar glazes and nuts!?
Posted by JosephMendiola 2005-11-16 23:52||   2005-11-16 23:52|| Front Page Top

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