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2005-11-16 Caribbean-Latin America
Castro may have Parkinson's, CIA says
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Posted by Steve 2005-11-16 08:56|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [327 views since 2007-05-07]  Top

#1 If it is true, please if it is true, ahhh .... only in a just world.

Can you imagine the depression that will set in Hollywood and in Jimmy Cawthur's brain if this turns out ot be true?
Posted by The Happy Fliegerabwehrkanonen 2005-11-16 09:57||]">[]  2005-11-16 09:57|| Front Page Top

#2 Honestly, at this point I'm taking anything the CIA says with not only a grain of salt but a false until proven by someone else attitude. I think the CIA needs some serious cleaning out before it becomes an agency that can be depended on to carry out it's mission and not the political goals of it's leftist infilitrators.
Posted by Silentbrick">Silentbrick  2005-11-16 10:38||   2005-11-16 10:38|| Front Page Top

#3 Get stable soon, Fidel.
Posted by Seafarious">Seafarious  2005-11-16 11:28||   2005-11-16 11:28|| Front Page Top

#4 This is better then Jack chiraqs stroke!
Posted by Shep UK 2005-11-16 12:12||   2005-11-16 12:12|| Front Page Top

#5 It didn't seem to impair Janet Reno's job performance.
Posted by Glavick Speanter5520 2005-11-16 12:23||   2005-11-16 12:23|| Front Page Top

#6 Are the old "poisoned cigars" finally kicking in?
Posted by James">James  2005-11-16 14:01||]">[]  2005-11-16 14:01|| Front Page Top

#7 Even if this true it doesn't mean much. Parkinson's usually progresses very slowly. It can get very debilitating though. The phrase I've heard is "You don't die from Parkinson's you die with it."
Posted by Intrinsicpilot 2005-11-16 14:02||   2005-11-16 14:02|| Front Page Top

#8 I always thought he suffered from Turette's Syndrome.
Posted by HubertThumperyerdink3867 2005-11-16 14:22||   2005-11-16 14:22|| Front Page Top

#9 ''For Fidel to start shaking in a real and substantial way -- in public -- sends quite a powerful message to people around the world,"

"Shit, earthquake! Run for it!!"
Posted by Raj 2005-11-16 15:00||   2005-11-16 15:00|| Front Page Top

#10 Parkinson's is not a nice way to go.

Cosmic justice, methinks.
Posted by Mike 2005-11-16 15:50||   2005-11-16 15:50|| Front Page Top

#11 Maybe he has Arafat Disease.
Posted by DepotGuy 2005-11-16 16:39||   2005-11-16 16:39|| Front Page Top

#12 I always thought he suffered from Turette's Syndrome.


Course you could be right. BASTARDS! Is Karl Malden still dead? IF NOT I CLIMB THE FENCE TONIGHT! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Posted by Shipman 2005-11-16 18:06||   2005-11-16 18:06|| Front Page Top

#13 Seriously tho, the medication that keeps down the shakes tends to make you significantly slower.

JOE 2008
Posted by Shipman 2005-11-16 18:08||   2005-11-16 18:08|| Front Page Top

#14 Woof
Posted by Red Dog 2005-11-16 18:39||   2005-11-16 18:39|| Front Page Top

#15 I can just picture El Maximo and Janet Reno dancing...
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2005-11-16 19:38||   2005-11-16 19:38|| Front Page Top

#16 Maybe Fidel can get Monica to hold his cigar.
Posted by Zenster 2005-11-16 22:07||   2005-11-16 22:07|| Front Page Top

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